Friday, February 26, 2010

Air Asia is average!

Jac McKenzie was much nicer than the cranky guy in KL!
Ado and Memphis getting excited. 
Joe the camera man and Jimmy.
Sparra and Jimmy!

Our flight to Malaysia was pretty good .... well except for the part where I had a fight with the counter guy. He did not want to listen so I bent the rules and won the victory.
 At first he insisted we pay an extra 540 MR which was a complete rip off. 
I moved half of our luggage around amonst the 4 of us and stuff him. We got away with a mere 220 MR .... take that cranky airline bastard!!! 

After arriving late on Wednesday we settled into our hotel and got up early for a beautiful ride. Malaysia is really cool and I highly recommend this as a destination race. Especially if you want a trip on a budget.  Great people , great food and very reasonable prices. 

We tracked down the best man to be "Sparra" who is also here trying to get a AG Kona slot. 

Will keep you posted on the all the happenings. Tomorrow is race day... cross your fingers!!!

Memphis x 

A bit late but whatever.... better late than never!!

My packing is down to a fine art!!
"Wolf Pack"
Jenni Jenni
The door handle came right was a bit of a shock... but it might have been the wine!

In our last few days of Noosa training we moved our house guest Jenny Fletcher into our wee little flat. She had been staying down the road officially but due to my cooking had spent most evenings at ours. 

On our last night Jen took us out to the local bar for pizza. Was loads of fun. 

By the time we get back from our Malaysian adventure she will sadly be gone :( But never fear as we have some of these happy snaps of our "Wolf Pack" 

Oh well gotta run off to Ironman Malaysia...

Stay tuned
Memphis x 

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Memphis is a happy GM

My beautiful friends Summer and Aaron had a beautiful baby girl today (Feb 14th ) in the USA today. I hear she was in labour for about 17 hours.... Holy smokes that sounds hard core.

I have been asked to be the GM (God Mother) and am so fired up that Jacqueline Joy has finally arrived.

This picture is of me doing the JJ dance.

Stay Tuned

Memphis x

2 weeks and counting down.

Jimmy loving the day at the beach!!!

Everything has been done. Now it is time to recover from the massive training days and taper the training back.

Most days we are too buggered to do anything or go anywhere but to training. Strangely today's 2 hour run felt like a stroll in the park. After weeks of massive long runs this was weird. We get to the markets and felt OK.

Since I felt so fresh and dandy I suggested a trip to the beach. Apparently the rest of the country is either flooding or sweltering in a heat wave. Not here in Sunshine beach. Here it is perfect.

Stay tuned

Memphis x

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Banana Smoothie saved my life.

In our house here in Noosa I am the Master Chef. Now this sounds like I have tickets on myself but as Dede G once said to me "you have to hang your hat somewhere". I like to hang mine in the kitchen.

This is the last hard week of training and everyone is in the hurt box. Today after run intervals followed by Max's killer swim set I was FAMISHED. I came home and in my delirium I made what might have been the world's greatest smoothie.

I drank it so quickly I forgot to take a picture but we all know what it looks like so I will simply list the ingredients below.

This particular smoothie was made for 3 people.

In a large blender :

4 x medium banana's (taken out of fridge, must be cold)
5 x heaped vanilla ice cream musashi protein powder ( a Powerbar product )
1 x squirt of blue gum honey
3 x teaspoons of magnesium powder.
2 x Yakult live enzymes bottles
2 x MASSIVE scoops of low fat ice cream.
2 x glasses of low fat milk

Blend and serve in old school metal milkshake tumblers.

OK now I am ready for my nap.

Stay tuned

Memphis x

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Training Hard 3 weeks to go !!!

Training is going really well here in Noosa. Lukey boy is ripping us all apart. Belinda is scarier than ever as she now has 2 working quads. Everyone is in full flight and I am getting fitter by the second. Today we went on an epic 6 hour ride. I held onto the big kids which also includes Mirinda Carfree who was 70.3 world champ 2 years ago. I got dropped up the big climbs but only by a bit. About 40 seconds or so later I dragged my ass back up to the group. I clearly was busting my butt whilst they were crusin but this time last year they would probably not have even let me go with them as there would have been no chance of me keeping them with in the same post code.

These last few months has seen a real shift in my attitude to training. When the going gets tough Memphis sucks it up like a big girl. No more short cuts and lame excuses. Go hard or go home as my old boss used to say.

With 2 and a half more weeks till we leave for Asia I am fired up with the news that Adrian will be coming to watch Ironman Malaysia also. Mum and Johnno bought their tickets months ago. Now the whole crew who was there to see the shit show that was Malaysia 07, will return and hopefully see what they came to see the first time. Me complete the toughest show on earth. If you missed those details from Feb 07 look on the old post lists and relive that little gem NOT!!!!

Anyways time to cook dinner and sleep.

Stay tuned

Memphis x

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A quick trip to Sydney with the kids!

Alice and Memphis!
Ado and Sissy!!!
Funny photo's in the car!!!
I love Ado!!

After landing in Sydney I got to spend the day with Ado, Alice and little sissy Sarah. Lunch at Sushi E..... then finally home to Lukey !!!

Stay tuned

Memphis x

Monday, February 1, 2010

Benji, Ramstine and the PCH!!

Memphis at Boogies.
Benji and Rami.
Ohh la la ladies!!!
Ok a less glamourous Memphis at Neptune's Net.
Ben waiting for his fish taco's.
MMMM Fish Taco's
Look hard Mojito's in the crowd.

My final night and day in LA was spent it with the good peeps Benji and Rami. Both of these outstanding creatures work at K-Swiss. Ben and I have known each other from way back when I was in Timex. We used to see each other at races and toilet paper each others trucks. Shaving cream and toothpaste was the method of note leaving. Those immature days are behind us of course now ...well kind of. For my final night i went out with him and Rami to an epic place called Boogies. OMG what a hoot. Silver foxes every where and we were the youngest by at least 15 years. Loved it.

The next morning Benji and I dragged ourselves out for one of the best rides in Malibu. From Westlake we went up and over Petreo and down to the PCH ( Pacific Coast Highway)
We decided that on this ride we were hungry and we stopped into biker bar Neptune's Net. The fish taco's were AMAZING. Mojito got a little overwhelmed by all the horse power but she held her own in the line up out the front. If you squint you can see her in amongst all the Japanese super bikes and Harley's.

After the fish tacos a 16 mile climb up Mullholland Rd and then it was time to head back to Ben's and pack for the final time.

Nearly there Jimmy !!!!!

Stay tuned

Memphis x

We are with the band.

Memphis and "The Visionary"
Mike and his awesome band!!!
The Doors meets The White Stripes!
Final supper with my girls!
Last night out with Maire... the no longer a marathon virgin !!!!

One of my very cool friends from San Diego "The Visionary" invited me to go out to a bar and watch her awesome husband and his band play. Now I am not going to lie I was not expecting too much as they were the warm up band for the warm up act. However I was super stoked on the fact that these guys ROCKED!!!! Mike (Mr Visionary) was fantastic. I was well impressed. There was a few adult beverages had and loads of dancing. I will be sad to say good bye again but with last night spent out with friends at a great tapas bar I will bid farewell to my home away from home. Here are some pix from the last supper also :) Tomorrow I head back to LA to see my boy Benji Harper.

Stay tuned

Memphis x