Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Asia Smash Fest

I have been in Asia for the last 2 weeks and not only have I raced twice but I have been on 8 flights and helped two of my athletes (ABM Sports Management) get over the line first in two IM's and a 70.3. Very exciting really. Belinda was amazing in IM Malaysia killing the field. She won by god knows how much and I was stoked to see her hubby Justin in 4Th. Luke had to pull out with an upset stomach. I lost my sox's in transition somewhere and failed to have a back up pair... shame on me. I struggled through. I finished that dam race that has kicked me in the ass so many times. I ended up with a massive blister but dealt with it with the help of good friend Jamie Vigary. He encouraged me to struggle on and I got there in the end. an 8Th place I think but a very crappy time. 

Before we knew it we were back on he plane and off to Singapore. There we stayed with awesome Stephen Locke and his wife Clare. Locke runs K-Swiss Asia and not only put us up for 10 days but showed us how great a town Singapore is. 

On Thursday we packed up again and headed off to China. Luke Belinda and myself were down for the 70.3 but with Luke unable to do Malaysia we switched him to the full Ironman. Macca was down along with Joseph Major and Chris McDonald. It was not going to be an easy race. Some people might think that Asian races are "Soft" as the fields are usually only 15 or so but let me give you the tip Asia is brutal. The weather here is hotter than hell and the winds can get right up as well. People can say what they want but when you see 1st , 2ND and 3rd place all collapse across the line you know people are not soft. The medical tent was packed and half the field could not finish. Soft my aunt Fanny. 

Lukey took it to Macca and put 6 Min's into him by half way on the bike. At 100 kms he was out and Lukey was charging forward. Only Joseph Major could get him now... well if he could make it in one piece. Joseph is known for his run but Lukey held onto his 10 min lead and crossed the line for another well fought, hard earned victory. 

I did the 70.3 and had an awful swim... no excuses just plain terrible. I rode the same as last year only with some massive winds. I was very thankful not to have been doing the full, let me tell you.  I ran 10 Min's quicker but the weather was not as hot as last year. 
I came second and rate my race as a C+ not good but not bad. I was schooled by Belinda G who came in 44 Min's ahead.... what a super star she is. 39, just won IM Malaysia and backs it up with that race. No wonder she is my coach.... you wanna learn , learn from the best. 

With Luke's 4Th IM title packed neatly in his suitcase we had to fly out the very next day. Sadly we missed awards as we were unable to change our flights. It was a bummer but we could not do anything about it.

Right now I am sitting up on Ubud mountain with the IM Champ.... well he is tucked up in bed with what I suspect is a stomach flu coming on. 

A huge thanks to all my sponsors... K-Swiss, Scott, Blue70, Powerbar, Sram Red, Smith without you all living the dream would be impossible.

I will find my photo card reader soon and add photos but till then 

Stay tuned 

Memphis x