Friday, January 25, 2008

Start Lists.

To look or not to look?

So you are training your backside off for IM NZ, you enter a 70.3 race as your season opener. The start list is put up. This will be your first pro race. Do you look? Does it matter? The only thing you are hoping for on race day is a PB. A podium for you is so NOT your reality as yet. It shouldn't matter who is on it. You will be racing yourself and the clock.

Curiosity killed this cat....well nearly. I looked, of course and now it is fair to say that I really shouldn't have.
I am now aware that this race is the most stacked race outside of Kona/Clearwater for the 08 season.
No I am serious at the end of the year I will look back at this field and this statement will be correct. Nothing like jumping into the fire. Head first.


No negative thoughts will enter my mind over the next two weeks.
Anything can happen. I may get super charged NOS injected shoes and be suddenly capable of a 1.25 half marathon. Ok so that's unlikely.

All I can do is repeat the following over and over :

I am at the beginning of my journey.
I am strong.
I train with belief and conviction every day.
I train without excuses.
I put all that I have into all that I wish to be.

Now this may not have me winning on the 10th but it will have me racing with the winners. I will be racing as hard as I can and I will know that I have trained so hard. Harder than I have ever before. I will know that even if I finish at the very end of the pro women's field I deserve to be there. I have earned my right to try. I am going to make myself proud no matter what.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Stay tuned for more ramblings of this slightly mental and now very nervious triathlete.

Love Memphis xo

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Swimming.... there is something in the water up here!

Hi all,

I am on a mission to write on my blog with consistency.
It's all part of the big plan to be much more consistent in every aspect of triathlon.

One of the areas I have always been a little lazy in has been swimming. As an age grouper I was always in the top 1 or 2 swimmers. I figured this meant I could be a little lax in the pool. As a pro this just won't cut it. For one thing the best girls swim much faster than I could at the end of 07. I am being very pro-active in trying to make the grade and joined the local swim squad up here at Benora Pool.

What a reality check that was. Heck I thought I would be in about the middle of the pack... nuh ha. I am in the 13-17 year old chick lane and am getting PUMPED!!!!!
These girls are super fish. They make swimming look easy and I struggle just to hang on the back... actually thanks not true either. I get lapped on the long stuff. I cant even hang on. My only saving grace is that as the session comes to an end they do finally start to slow down and this old lady...that's what they call me... catches up and can cruse past a few of them.

I am sure that this daily humiliation will only lead to improved times in IM. I hate that these little ankle biters are laughing at me. No they really are. I am not being paranoid. I have only been tumble turning for 4 weeks and have not quite got the hang of it yet. It's all a bit messy. Never fear I will catch up.

I have just seen the Pucon race results and am super pumped for Triple L.... nice one cupcake.... she placed second in the 70.3. After an injury that ruined her Kona hopes this year it's nice to see her get a great result on the board this early in the season. 2008YOL!!!!!!

Stay tuned...
Memphis xo

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A new year. Big challenges.

2008 is off to an amazing start with the very exciting news of signing with the American triathlon team, TEAM TIMEX.

As of January 1st 2008 I am now racing for Team Timex. I am one of the few International Pro Athletes on this team. I feel very privileged to have been offered this position in just my first year as a pro. I will have an incredible crew of support and sponsors. This is a huge opportunity and I am now training even harder to prove that their decision was a good one.

My first race will be the Geelong 70.3 Half Ironman race on the 10Th of Febuary. I am a bit nervous as I am really in training for Ironman New Zealand the field will be stacked full of amazing women. With the likes of World 70.3 Champ Mirinda Carfrae, Bek Keat, Mel Ashton and so on and so on I will be a long way off the pace but you have to start somewhere and I really need to get in one race before NZ.

You can watch the race on and also check out my new team on

Also for those of you who have yet to read it there is a great article on the adventures of Jimmy and Memphis at

Stay tuned