Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pushing yourself.

I have never been one to write in diaries. I don't include this blog because this is for people to read and take whatever they want and dismiss whatever they please as rubbish ramblings of a mad woman. More of an online news page. News about my world. A diary, as I have always considered, is for secrets. I am crap at keeping secrets... especially my own. I have never been one to fill this blog with training sessions either. Now I think I am loosing the story line so lets get back to point. I have started a training diary. It has all the numbers. Some impressive , some just sad but my numbers and no one else's. I will keep them a secret so it is definitely a diary.

What I will report though is the effect of this diary has been quite profound. First of all you get to see the numbers slowly change in the right direction. Second it makes you set a bar or standard for each session. It helps to measure fatigue. It also helps you stay honest and not over/under train. 

While I can't reports a sub 3 hour marathon just yet (he he I wish) what I can report is that I now have a way to see how I am going to run 3.30 by the end of the year. This is one of my 20 goals of the year. I wrote these in the diary. I goal is something I write down, a dream is something I only think and talk about.  

I got a coach last year and that has made a huge difference but I think that this diary helps me stick to what the coach really wants me to do. I know that I used to fudge and excuse the details of sessions at times. 

As cheesey as this sounds "consistency is the key". 

Keep a diary write down your goals and keep the key!

Stay tuned 

Memphis x 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

One week to go!

Well it has been an interesting 8 weeks since the start of the 09 season. After an long 8 week break I got back into training with IM Malaysia as my early season race. I think that I felt like crap until Friday just gone. I was a log in the water and was peddling squares for weeks. I really struggled to feel good. But fear non. Finally I have turned the corner and have found not only the feel for the water but "Big Sexy" fits like a glove and I am flying on the bike again. Nothing like leaving it till the last second to come good. 

A few weeks ago Lukey and I bought a treadmill. I think I wore a hole in Belinda's so we figured it was time to get our own. I love it. Yes that's right I love running. It really does make a difference when you don't have to go to the gym at the end of a long ride. Along with some good DVDs and 2 and a half hour runs fly by. 

As I mentioned before I don't think I will be breaking any records in Malaysia however I do think I will pull out a nice solid season starting IM after all. My running has really improved and I am looking forward to the marathon..... seriously!

Some very exciting news is that we will have a few people coming to watch. Luke's parents will be there as will my sister Sarah and her mum and dad, (my biological dad) Sue and Kimbo. I think it has been 30 years since they have been overseas so this trip should be really fun for them. Also there has been a strong rumor that Adrian is coming too. I know that business is keeping him VERY busy however I don't think he can stand the FOMO!!!!! 

Alice, Jane and Jimmy will be competing also so the after party may get a little rowdy

Stay tuned 
Memphis x x x x 

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today I went for my first ride on my new bike
"Big Sexy". Lukey and I went for a 2 hr spin 
this afternoon and I LOVE IT!!!


After the Geelong 70.3 we headed to Melbourne for the annual St. Kilda festival. While most people went for the music and drinking experience, Lukey, Hillary and myself embarked on a Wine and Dine tour of Ackland and Fitzroy Streets. 

Sunday, February 1, 2009


It is 4 weeks till Malaysia and I am really starting to feel the benefits of the hard training I have been doing. I am noticing something strange however. I have yet to find my cycle legs, they took the extra long way home from Florida and we all know how long ago that was. I am not too worried about this though as once they come back they usually stick around for the season and the bike has always been my friend. What has been surprising though is how AMAZING my run legs feel. Now I am not claiming that I am out there breaking land speed records but I am running 2 and a half hours HARD!!! And the biggest shocker... I am loving it!

I think that the company I am keeping is helping. Having the likes of BG,JG, LK, AJ,L and G B, HB, Lukey, the German's, Boss and Lady Charlotta certainly keeps your eye one the prize. There is nothing like getting your ass handed to you daily by the best. 

I am not sure if it will all come together in Malaysia but I have to go back and get some redemption for the last time I was there. Of course everyone says that the just want to finish but with this race for me is truly just that. I need to finish this one just for me. I am super pleased to see that the start list is growing by the minute. The more pro girls there are the more there are to possibly beat. 

Anyways train hard and stay tuned

Memphis x