Sunday, February 1, 2009


It is 4 weeks till Malaysia and I am really starting to feel the benefits of the hard training I have been doing. I am noticing something strange however. I have yet to find my cycle legs, they took the extra long way home from Florida and we all know how long ago that was. I am not too worried about this though as once they come back they usually stick around for the season and the bike has always been my friend. What has been surprising though is how AMAZING my run legs feel. Now I am not claiming that I am out there breaking land speed records but I am running 2 and a half hours HARD!!! And the biggest shocker... I am loving it!

I think that the company I am keeping is helping. Having the likes of BG,JG, LK, AJ,L and G B, HB, Lukey, the German's, Boss and Lady Charlotta certainly keeps your eye one the prize. There is nothing like getting your ass handed to you daily by the best. 

I am not sure if it will all come together in Malaysia but I have to go back and get some redemption for the last time I was there. Of course everyone says that the just want to finish but with this race for me is truly just that. I need to finish this one just for me. I am super pleased to see that the start list is growing by the minute. The more pro girls there are the more there are to possibly beat. 

Anyways train hard and stay tuned

Memphis x