Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Anyone for scuba?

Silly Jimmy.

Chillin' on the boat on the way back to dry land.

Ready to dive.

Smile Jimmy!

Good look.... NOT!

Memphis the fisherwoman.

Casting off!

The BIG Catch!

This is easier than running.

A swim.

Looking at little fish.

Drinking Mai Tai's at a luai.

Maui Sunset!

Jimmy is out there surfing somewhere.

Red Rock Beach.

Waterfall at Hana Maui.

Careful Memphis!!!!

Dam that's a long way down.

Smile kids you are on holiday.

Road side ribs....yum!

I love a farmers roadside stall.

Last day Honolulu mission.

Red eyes after a fantastic last day long boarding in Hawaii.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Ready Steady ..... GO!

Crickey that's a lot of swimmers.

The crazy swim start.

I am in there somewhere.

The swim exit ..... now where is my transition bag.

Half way up the bloody big hill.

I love riding my bike.

Smiling on the run.... but for how long?

Not looking too bad...YET!

Heck this HURTS.

Happy Jac and I finishing.

Never give up! Other wise you never get there.

Many said it couldn't be done.

Dream come true.... goals are achieved.... I am a Hawaiian Ironman! No one will ever take that away.