Friday, August 31, 2007

Post Canada

We are back in Bend all safe and sound. After hanging around on the couch with Streetly Brown the wonder dog I am ready to get back into it. It is funny how the legs don't hurt as much with that slot tucked under my pillow. Actually I pulled up super well and am so pumped that my buddy Little Lady Linsey Corbin aka Triple L is coming to Bend. Her folks live here and since Montana is on fire this is the best place for pre Hawaii preparations. The Bend Bandits... Cliby, Paul, Triple L, Jimmy and myself will no doubt be tearing up Mt Bachelor over the next few weeks. This town is so perfect it has everything you need. Mountains, flats, trail runs, lakes rivers and a 50 mt pool. We will train hard before we head down to Cancun Mexico on the 12th for our last pre Hawaii race.
Thank you to all of you who wrote me after the race..... that was so awesome to get messages from all of you who have watched my journey. Sorry I have not responded to them all yet. I will get there eventually.

Stay tuned love Memphis

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ironman Canada

Holy Moly I finally did it!!!!!!! I am going to Kona!!!!!! I am so so so so so excited.... I had a wicked swim and was out 4th or 5th overall age group woman then took off out of transition and rode really well to the top of Richter Pass... was first overall age group woman to the top but disaster struck on the way down and I flatted. 7 mins later and too many girls to count had wizzed by as I was on the side of the road fixing it. I jumped back on and took off..... I caught back most of them by t2 but I think I went a bit hard... I ran really well for the first 3 quarters of the marathon and managed to hang on without loosing any places till the end..... just. There were 4 slots in my age group and 1 was not taken. That one was for ME!!!!!! I now am signed up and on my way..... very cool. I am now off to presentation to get my trophy..... woo hoo love those trophies! I may have a beer or 2 to celerbrate.

A special thanks to all the people who support me and help make my dreams come true.
Out there I think about all of you and am now so glad I could make all your efforts worth while.
An extra special thank you to Luke... you never gave up and encouraged me all the way to the finish line. I know I would never have made it without you on the side lines cheering me on. We will now get to line up in Hawaii together.... shake n bake baby!
I am missing a load of news and photos of all the things that have been happening lately. I will fill in all the blanks soon.

Love Memphis

I am in there somewhere with 2500 others!

Climbing Yellow Lake

Heck this is starting to hurt ... A LOT!

Sub 11 hrs ... wahoo!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Day in the Mountains

Today we rode l'Alpe d'Heuz and Col Du Galibier in one day. Galibier is simply amazing. The mountains are soooo huge you feel like an ant climbing towards the summit of the beast! Its cold but so rewarding to reach the top (2600m!)

Long way to go from here ... ALL UP!

Zig ... Zag ... Zig ... Zag .... getting there.

Almost there ... notice the snow!

It's a hairy descent .... narrow road and no guard rails ... HECK!

Jimmy being silly pants

Saturday, August 11, 2007

l'Alp d'Heuz

This is the view back down the 21 switch backs.....

Nearly at the top.... it was harder with the heat going up I think....

But coming down was much better than freezing cold.....

Holly Molly this was a good idea till you got to switchback no 17 out of 21. This mountain was covered in fellow cyclists. What a perfect day for a really hard ride. This is one of Frances most famous climbs.

Friday, August 10, 2007


This is the local road home..... not the best of weather but great training for Canada.
1850 is where we live.... thats a long way up in anyones language.
Up down up down.... the rain keeps falling but for some reason I am still smiling.
This could be the most ridiculous photo of me ever.... I doubt I have ever been quite this cold before. After stuffing our soaking wet clothes with newspaper we descend.
Back in the snuggly warm chalet.... I love central heating!!!! And dry socks.

After leaving the girls behind we have headed down to the french alps. Here we are staying in Pierre and Myriams chalet!!!! Small but has everything two alp bike riders could need. Here we are in our wet weather gear climbing Col de la Madeleine! It is wet and cold but we are happy! The tartin at the top was worth it :)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Antwerp Race Report

After finally getting to a computer that was not charging me more than 12 euros an hour.... this is the going rate here in the mountains.....I realised that I have yet to post a race report.

The Marc Herramans Classic was in Antwerp. A non Hawaii qualifier unfortunately. It was a half ironman though.
I was feeling pretty good considering I had been suffering from terrible jet lag the week before. We drove over on the Friday and little sis Sahra and little cousin Sonja arrived in the evening. With Alice flying in the next day Lukey and I had quite the cheer squad. We were all ready to race come Sunday and the start line was a bit of an Aussie fest actually.
Jac W was here as she had been visiting her sister and would be in my age cat racing aswell.
The race got underway and I have to say I got the S*#T beaten out of me in the swim. Never in my life have I been punched and kicked as hard at the start of a race. There was no mercy out there and I stuggled to find clear water. I swam an average 31 min. Not my finest but I was alive at least.
Out and on the bike I felt great and started to ride past quite a number of the men. I didn't look behind me till about the 55 km mark when a man whom I had been sort of pacing with... as much as you can in a non drafting race... mentioned that I had 12 blokes all sucking on my wheel. I couldn't believe it!!!! Dam cheats. I didn't worry about it too much till an official came past on a motorbike and I may have mentioned it then by using some flamboyant words. Apparently not the done thing in europe.... swearing at the judge is just not the done thing. I got a penalty.... 3 mins in the sin bin. Bugger.
Sat it out and sucked it up.
Then off on the flat run thoughout the beautiful township. 4 Laps. I had no idea where I was placed but Alice was screaming on the sidelines and sissy was cheering and I felt great. Saw poor Jac who had to pull out earlier due to illness :( Had a bit of a quick chat then finished it all off with a solid 5.01.
In the end that had me over the line in 2nd place by 2 mins and I was ticked off as I would have won if not for the dumb penalty.

All in all it was a terrific training race for IM Canada in 2 weeks. Canada will be my last chance to qualify for Hawaii so wish me luck and watch on IM live.

Stay tuned

Sunday, August 5, 2007


We came to Antwerp to race in the Marc Herremans Classic. Before hand my little sister Sarah and cousin Sonja came for a couple of days to hang out. Alice arrived to make it Lukey and the four girls!!!