Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Perfect Day!!!!

By now everyone probably knows that Luke won his first IM!!!!! I was meant to race but decided for a number of reasons not to. Most days of the week i would have FOMO ( Fear of missing out) but not this day!!!!

After the choice not to race was done I went into super supporter mode. Primarily we race in English speaking countries. In Tokyo most of the Japanese speak English but Tokyo is a long long way from Goto. Our home stays Junko, Kieko and Ichiro helped me map out the day. With the aid of a super tiny car and the generosity of Shane Smith and his Tri Travel bus we got around to 6-8 spots on the bike course. There we were able to yell splits and cheer our boy on.

Everyone kept pointing out "He is not talking, he is not saying anything" but to me that meant only good things. If Luke is calm and quite and relaxed I know he is on fire. This day I don't think he said a word till the 12 km mark on the run. A quick wink and a quick question and he was on his way to victory. He never hesitated. At the 36 km mark he mentioned as he passed by that unless Mitch was about to run sub 4 min kms he was good and that I should meet him at the finish line.

At the finish line Junko, Kieko, Shane Smith, Marcus and I welcomed him over in what was an amazing moment that I will never forget. He looked so relaxed , excited and so happy. Both of us just stood there and realised that "That just happened". I thought back to the day in the park last year where he was recovering from a knee injury and we were taking his first bike ride together. A rather large lady in a bright pink jersey, riding a clapped out old mountain bike passed us like we were riding backwards. My my we came a long way in a year and a half haven't we Jimmy.

Next stop presentation ...... what a fun night. All the Aussies were being a bit rowdy as usual and a few drinks where had. Luke gave a terrific speech that made everyone cry. I was so proud of him. Afterwards it was off to the Karoke bar for some more drinking and bad singing.

Goto Japan was a place that was so good to us and we can't wait to return.

Next time Vicki and Pete (Luke's parents) will have to come and watch....they were the only thing missing on "The Perfect Day"

Jimmy your the best...... "shake n bake "

Arrigato and sayanara


Thursday, June 19, 2008


What a fantastic day we had yesterday!!!! Luke and I went to a local school and took Junko our home stay as our interpreter. We had the giggles as we walked into the gym as we were actually a bit nervous about meeting all these little critters :) 75 Primary school kids can be a little bit scary.

We introduced ourselves...well Junko did... and had a bit of a chat about triathlon. Then we divided up into 5 teams and played this fun game that basically involves us all running around like idiots and trying not to get out sprinted by 6-11 year olds.

There were not really any rules just loads of screaming , running , high 5s and sweat. A lot of sweaty little kids and very sweaty big kids.

After the game these amazing little people sang us a really cute song about being Ironman Athletes. Also they presented us with the most beautiful hand made signs/flags.

Clearly this has been the highlight of our trip to date. Upon leaving they all cheered and crowded around us like we were rock stars. For a day I feel in love with the little blighters. Japanese kids are so cute. I look forward to riding past the school on the weekend and calling out some of the Japanese words I have learnt to them.

I will always remember that these tiny people went to so much trouble to welcome us.
"Tri making a change" seems to be taking shape with every day. I look forward to putting together the programme over the next few months that Luke and I can take all around the world.

Stay tuned
Love Memphis

The beautiful kids of Kawara
The silly triathletes taking stretch class!
I am tall... they are very small! Actually we are giants!

This is more fun than I ever had at school!
My team kicked a#$


How much fun has it been getting to IM Japan??? More than you can imagine. Luke and I had tried to pack as lightly as possible. I have this huge suitcase but for once it is filled with products/sports gear for others. After Japan we head to Bali for a race in which I am bring in loads of stuff for the under privileged children of Bali. More on that later but first I had to carry it half way around Japan. If it was not for a good cause I think Luke might have killed me.

After a few false starts from Fukouka we finally arrived in Goto. At the airport we meet our amazing host family...Masaki. Junko their daughter speaks fantastic English as she has just returned from 2 years in Australia. We are staying in their beautiful traditional Japanese home right at the finish line in town. I was especially excited as I have always had a bit of a Japanese fetish.

We settled in and got right out on the course to see what was in store. It seems to be quite a lot hillier that we thought but all was good.

On our second night we were taken to a fantastic Japanese restaurant where we ate ourselves silly on all the amazing fresh seafood. Most of the Masaki family and extended family lives in Goto. Dinner was a blast filled with loads of broken English, bad Japanese and some charade like conversation.

Tomorrow we will head out to view the whole bike course as Shane Smith from Tri Travel has offered to give us a lift with all his crazy Tri Travel Tour kids. It made me laugh to see and hear all the Aussies that are travelling together. So many of them were from Perth (my home town). It could be quite the fun car ride as they are all having a ball. Laughter seems to be the key to that group.

Stay tuned


What an adventure getting ourselves to Goto.
Yum ...our first meal outside of an airport terminal
Mmm ... Tempura Udon in Fukuoka
A night in Fukuoka
Food Heaven

The joys of traveling with bikes!
A morning ocean swim in Goto Fukue
Checking out the bike course ... its hilly!
Sake anyone???

The land of vending machines!
Luke and I with our homestay Junko
Asahi and Sashimi ... mmm

Ironman Udon Noodles
The Goto City nightlife ... wild!
Traditional breakfast at our homestay

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back on the mainland

Wow what a few days it has been since returning from Hawaii. We had some very important business to attend to in San Diego and we headed down in the Golden Turtle. Luke and I spent the weekend training up a storm on our old stomping grounds. It is was the final weekend before we drive up to Bend and then head out to Japan. Around running and riding the fabulous 101 we managed to fit in all the important grown up stuff and friend visits that were way over due.

With the "GT" all re-registered we packed up camp and headed north. A quick 2 day stop in Agoura Hills to visit K-Swiss and pick up our super sonic race kits and racing shoes and we will be ready to go on this trip. Neither Luke or I have really spent any note worthy time in Japan so we are so excited.

Triathlon is actually a pretty small community so there will be quite a few people to see in Goto. Hawaii's Bree Wee is going to give the raining champ Naomi a bit of a run for her money. I can't wait to see her out there in only her second IM ever. Sarah Pollett another Aussie along with the Doc will also be waving the green and gold.

Keep an eye out on Ironmanlive for Luke in the men's pro field. As for me the new coach has yet to say I can race for sure. I have had such trouble recovering from IM China that I don't know what I will be doing race day. All I know for sure is that I will be getting in the water if all goes well.

If I can't not to worry I have an amazing race in Bali the next weekend to look forward to as well as IM Canada in August. Sometimes your health just has to come first.

Stay tuned and fingers crossed.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hawaii Training Camp final days

After two fantastic weeks here in Hawaii our training camp has come to an end. We have had such a great visit here. We had a beautiful homestay up on the mountain with Dawn Henry ( Hawaii's greatest massage therapist ). Luke had a terrific race where he came in 2nd to Macca at the IM 70.3. We both got in some good solid training, me for IM Canada and Luke for IM Japan.

In our final two days we got the chance to get off the Queen K and do a spot of site seeing. A day at Hapuna Beach along with a trip up to Wiapio topped the two weeks off perfectly. Finding Huli Sue's dinner up at Wikaloa was an unexpected bonus. Below are some happy snaps that we took.

Next we are off back to Agoura Hills for our last training block before IM Japan.

Stay tuned


P.S Congrats to my little brother Zac .... I hear you are going to be a "DADDY"