Sunday, September 30, 2007


Jimmy and Memphis hit Senor Frogs!


Oh no Coco Bongo !

Tequila is EVIL !!!!

Me and my home boy Big Matt Lieto.... yes ladies he is single.

I love blue drinks.

Dance floor shinanigans

The arial entertainment.

The club is packed.


On the podium.... gotta love a trophy!

Winners are grinners!

Cancun was the race that I should never have been racing but I couldn't pass up. Having only completed IM Canada just 3 weeks before and having Kona in another 3 some may say I had rocks in my head. Making the decision to race was actually easy. I wanted a win! I knew that if I was to have any chance of getting my pro licence back in OZ i had to take home a sub 5 hour half IM and a 1st place. TA are strict. They don't hand them out willy nilly. With out the win I would be struggling to get it.

Cancun was a bit of a nightmare. I had a killer swim. 1st out of the water was a good start. The bike was flat, fast and raining cats and dogs. The rain was horrible. The men drafting behind me was worse. Whatever! I was not going to get a penalty so I dragged 25 or so of them for about 70 kms. Seriously. Out on the run I run like never before. I just kept thinking that the win would not be enough.... I wanted a PB time as well. All went according to plan.

Finally I won one. A big smile for me. Lukey was killer to coming in 3rd in the Pro men's race.
Time to go out and let our hair down. With Kona in 3 weeks we must be pretty good however.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hawaii Training

After a narley few weeks of ass kicking by Luke Linsey Matt and Paul we are back down in good old San Diego. Back to the land of warm mornings and super sunny days. Camp Pendleton and the 101 god love it. I have fully recovered from a spill off the bike. I am attempting to get a bit of sun time in along side the remainder of the training. One more race for me before we head off to Hawaii. Not that I am complaining... how bad can Cancun Mexico be. I love to race. It's a half IM. Lukey and I head off on Friday. The GT has had to have some repairs but she is safe and well. I will post some pics soon and write a race report on our return.
Take care Memphis x