Wednesday, February 9, 2011

News for the NY

WWow how time has flown. I could regress and look back over the last few months and tell you stories of what's been going on but most of you have seen my Twitter or Facebook so I wont bore you with the re hashing of Christmas / NY / Jan floods and Perth adventures.

Let me just summarize by saying by the time I got to training in the last week of November I was in for some trouble. I had to pay the piper. The off season/wedding extravaganza was in forced due to Luke's injury and man o man did we get FAT!

Fast forward to today Feb 10th and I am just 4 weeks out from the beginning of a new season. I am very excited. First up will be IM NZ. Have not been back for a few years and am excited to go see the land of the long white cloud again. Straight after I race there it is off to the wonderous new land of Abu Dhabi for Lukey. I have entered the half race but I am not sure how I will pull up post IM so we will see. Also just one week after Abu Dhabi we jet over to San Juan 70.3. I have always wanted to visit Puerto Rico. My dear friend Enid lives there so I will even have a mini cheer squad.

My business ABM Sports Management is doing great. I have a bunch of new athletes and it is all very exciting. First up to race will be Jessica Jacobs. She is my super mum extraodionaire, an ex army officer who will be racing in a marathon this weekend.

A whole bunch of ABM athletes will be packing up and going to Abu Dhabi. Luke McKenzie , Belinda Granger , Jess Jacobs and Paul Matthews are all going. I can not believe how quickly this season has come around. Very exciting stuff with the new WTC points system.

I will keep you all posted of this seasons adventures and hopefully we will have some super exciting news re the show soon.

Stay tuned
Memphis x