Monday, December 3, 2007

End of year wrap up!

Wow what a year 2007 has been. I have made so many of my dreams come true. I have spent the last few weeks making some massive decisions about 2008. After Luke had a stella year and my racing got better and better so many different sponsor offers came in. It has been a huge decision but after my win in Cancun and my steadily improving times I have taken up my professional licence and as of 2008 will be racing in the Women's Pro category. This means that I will be racing directly against the best girls in the world. This is an honour and also a very daunting thought. I realise that in the beginning I will be the worst of the best bunch but I hate being last and I know that this will push me so much harder in my training. I know how much work I have to do to be "up to standard."

Part of the decision to become pro has meant that I have left my friends, family and business in Sydney behind and moved up to the Gold Coast.
Luke and I have rented a little apartment in Tweed Heads and are training our hearts out for Ironman New Zealand and the 08 season.

After racing all round the world last year and going to Kona I have realised how much I love this sport. I have taken my training to a whole new level over the last few weeks and am really excited about how I am going to improve.

I wanted to thank all the people who have supported me over the last few years in chasing this dream. So many of you had hardly heard of Triathlon, yet all of you were so keen to hear more about it and learn along with me. My clients and friends Issy, David, John, Pam, Waz, Wassim... you all thought I was mad but helped me in so many ways. Sometimes the fact that you didn't know how ambitious I was being was a blessing as you just encouraged me to try. Never doubting what I wanted to do.

Alice, Pants, Juzzy, Mary and Hana all knew that my ambition way out wayed my skill level but also knew that courage, determination and heart go a long, long way in this world. You guys are the best friends anyone could ask for.

The San Diego Crew,
Sum Sum, Brody, K2, The RP Boys, Sponge Rob, Lady P and Big Bad Billy. You guys are kick ass and I love you for making America my second home. With you lot around the fun never stops.

My family have been amazing and all of them are spread far and wide but always send me messages of love and encouragement where ever I am. I look forward to the day when I race in Busso and have the biggest fan club ever.

Adrian you fall into all the above categories. No box for you, just unconditional love. Forever you are my friend my family and my brother. Life has never been the same since we realised we were separated at birth. Ha ha. This year I will make you proud. But you already know that.

Last of all there is Luke.....

How do I describe the way Jimmy and Memphis roll...... With you by my side I know that ANYTHING is possible. With you I try harder..... I am braver..... I let go and I reach further. With you I know I will never be lonely in my quest to see who I can be. With you I hear encouragement.... never doubt. With you I drive across this wide world and laugh at the many many things we see. I never forget that this is a journey.... a journey that we choose to take. One day we will be greater than we ever imagined. 2008 YOL...... 2009 YOA.

Stay tuned for more news.