Thursday, March 17, 2011


Well sadly I totaled the beginning of my season by having a pretty bad wreck. 3 weeks ago on Saturday I came down hard. I broke 2 ribs and did some pretty bad deep tissue damage. I won't complain though as I thought at the time I broke my pelvis so it could have been worse, much worse. I am getting better by the day but sitting on the sideline for the first 3 races I had planned for the year sucks rotten eggs.

IM NZ had to be canned, as with Abu Dhabi and Puerto Rico 70.3. It of course is no use crying over spilled milk so I have picked myself up and flown everywhere to support the hubby. I have weaseled my way into better seats on silly long haul flights to the best of my ability. I have cheered for my friends in 2 of the gnarliest conditioned races so far this year. (if I was going to miss out at least the races were horrible rain @ IM NZ and scorching hot sun @ Abu Dhabi.)

The saddest part of this all was the total destruction of my beautiful Scott Contessa. I had to throw her out after she was smashed to smithereens. I do have the greatest sponsor in the world and they have sent me out a new one to our next training camp. Also I can now say that the helmet needs replacing as it did a great job of protecting the noggin but cracked open on the ground and is now completely useless .

As the scabs fall off and the pain diminishes I am reminded yet again of how lucky I am to do this. I have the greatest life in this community of triathlon and am more than ever so grateful to be out here every day following my dreams.

I will be back.... slow and steady but back for IM Brazil.

Stay tuned
Memphis x