Monday, November 17, 2008

No place like home....

I think it was a sign when I dressed up like Dorothy and helped out Tommy Z in Clearwater.
Just when we thought we were still going to be in California for another few weeks we were running to make a 10.30 pm flight from LAX to "Home Sweet Home" Sydney.

There really is no place like home. Bondi is the best beach in this amazing city and I just adore laying back in the sunshine with all my darling friend. Life on the "Grassy Knoll" has never been so good.

We picked up my trusty old Pathfinder "Big Red Ned" from his other mom and cruised the streets of Sydney. Finally back to the land of real coffee and banana bread.

Don't get me wrong I love my life and all the amazing "Adventures of Jimmy and Memphis" but I tell you there is just so many things to love about this fair city. Friday night turned into a Pizza and wine festival with all the usual suspects. Alice , Mary, Adrian and that naughty brother of mine Jules. It is the familiar things that I love. It's all about going to the best little deli's for all the great local cheeses and the fantastic bottle shops where you stock up and roll on over to Alley's house and sit drinking wine and watching the sail boats racing on the harbour.

Walking down the street and running into everyone you know. Dog's running around and people on skate boards. Sushi trains and smoothie bars. The Bondi to Bronte running trail, Centennial Park. Outdoor 50mt pools and soft sand biathlons.

I will post some pix as soon as I can buy an adaptor for the USA laptop and you all can fall in love with Bondi too.

Memphis x x x x

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Wow what a few days I have had. Lukey and I arrived at our wonderful homestay on Tuesday. Jose and Lydia were amazing and we got along like a house on fire. We settled into their beautiful home and made friends with their little Shitz Zu “Rico”

The weather was surprisingly cold, especially after Hawaii. After taking a spin around the run course I knew that it would be a fast day come Saturday. I have been training so hard out in Kona and knew that I had done the work. I was pretty confidant of a great race. However I have raced a few races this year and have come home with some below par, disappointing times. You just never know what can happen out there. Sometimes you find that you that things can just go wrong!

I am pretty chilled out before a race. I don’t really get nervous any more. I just do my thing and get ready. I think Luke feels it more than me. All the early morning rituals were completed and before I knew it I was at the start line. I had a plan as I had lost my prescription goggles in Malibu and did not have time to get a new pair. The plan was to swim on Bella’s feet as we were side by side in the swim earlier in the year at IMNZ. Bella had a purple cap and I lined up just behind her. To my right was Bree and I knew she would be off in a flash so no point chasing her. After the gun the usual washing machine got going. After about a minute of madness I saw the purple cap just up ahead in a bit of space so I got after it. I was a little surprised at how easy I was swimming with her…ha ha I should have known something was a miss at this stage. After lap one I stood up and rounded the buoy.
Crap, bugger darn it. The purple cap was not Bella…. It was Boon Hooung Pak!!!! NOOOOO! Wrong feet. Bella was 2 mins up the swim. It did rattle me a bit but I just dove back in and got on with it. By now I was on my own and was struggling to see the buoys with the dodgy eyeballs. Ever since the boys hooked me up with my super awesome prescription “Sable Goggles” I have realized just how much I can’t see. A word from the wise…. If you can’t wear contacts get these goggles as it will change your world.
Two swim laps down and I ran up the beach. Peeling the Helix as I went bypassing the “strippers” . Into the change tent and back out as quick as stix. Straight away I felt the Kona training kick in. Some people think that Florida is dead flat. It is not.
The first section is flat but we had a head wind. Really the first half is all head wind. The second half is defiantly NOT flat. It was so nice to get some rollers and get out of the saddle a bit. I was passing girls all day…. Well except when Jessica Jacobs blew past me like I was standing still. Heck. Bike 5.11 not bad a PB and I get to say the with the exception of when a massive group of age group men swallowed me up for 5 minutes I rode solo all day.
The Run
Now we all know that typically this is where I loose the plot. I spend the rest of my day just trying not to walk. Well I am happy to report that “SUPER COACH” Kristian has worked a small miracle. Not only did I not walk but I ran well. I was only passed once on the third lap. I felt that the first time since turning pro that I was actually racing again. In age group you always have a ton of other girls all around you to race against. In pro I have been right back in the field and one little mistake leaves you floundering in the wilderness. It is very lonely out there by yourself. Anyways I was smashing down salt and getting the nutrition right and actually having a good run. 3.51 later the marathon was over and I was down the finish shoot in 9Th place and with a 46 min Ironman Personal Best.

I am so glad to have a good result for the end of the season. I have so many people to thank here are just a few

Team Timex - Tristian, Keith, Doug and all the awesome team mates that I have - You guys are the best and I love seeing you all out there racing. It makes me train harder just to see you all achieve.

K-Swiss - Eman, Ivette, Johnny Hot Stuff, David and all the crew.... the shoes what can I say but how amazing are the Kona's. I will wear them till the day I die.

John, David and Wassim - My boys I would never ever have made it without you all. Thank you so much for your generosity. Your belief and support makes it all possible.

Kristian Manietta - Super Coach and friend. - You really did not have a lot to work with but work you did and you helped me see that it is possible to make changes and move forward. I just had to believe in your coaching as much as you believed in me.

Family - You are so big and so spread out but your love and messages make the longest trips to my heart always.

Alice, Mares, Ado and Hana..... A girl could not be luckier than to have friends like you that never let me forget that I can do it!!!

Last but not least Lukey - How will I ever be able to thank you for every moment that you encourage me and push me to be a better person and athlete. I know that I reach further everyday I go out to train. You have taught me that the ONLY thing holding me back is me. You let me do it my way even when I am wrong. You laugh when I make rookie mistakes but never let me cry. Lessons are to be learnt from not cried over. You don't let me dwell and make me build a bridge. Oh yeah and you take my pee shoes off my feet for me when I cant reach down. What more could a girl ask for?

Thanks to everyone who write and wishes me well .....

Love Memphis x x x