Saturday, June 11, 2011

An olympic race in Sardinia!

Holy brown cow that race was short and tough. A quick race recap the day before another race tomorrow!

Sardinia 11 Olympic race was upon me before I knew what was happening. A long flight across the seas from Brasil to catch up with Luke and my beloved Sardinia Tri Campers.

All things were amazing in Italy and I got to toe the line at one of my favorite races. Last Saturday turned out to be quite the race with over 25 pro's lining up. ITU/Olympic distance is NOT my specialty but I was keen for the punishment just 6 days post IM Brasil. I rinsed out the race kit and polished the trusty steed. I racked her and placed the recycled non pee Kwicky Blade Lites (clearly did not drink enough in IM B but thats another story) into the transition @ 12 pm. Race kick off was set for 2 pm. Bless the Euro's and their afternoon races.

The race went as follows:

Swim ... awesome swim and came out 4th just behind some of the ITU chickas!!! Clearly this was going to be the days highlite.

T1... mmmm may have to work on this one as got passed in T1 for 5th place due to being so slow.

Bike... Out on the rollers I was feeling fine. As we entered the hills I felt the sting of IM bite me in the ass but managed to hang on and ride quite well. That is until the descents. Ha I was comical with my TT bike and my 808 front wheel but who gave a crap if those ITU chicks where eating time into me as I Nanna'ered my way down the windy mountain (mental note work on descending) I was having a blast and I was in Sardinia for gods sake.
Smashed it back over the rollers into town and came off the bike exactly where I started ... in 5th SCORE!!!

T2... once again I did my Ironman transition. Minus the socks of course. Not amazing one might say medium.

Run... Mental strength came to me in a whole new way. I have never been in any triathlon in the history of my triathlon adventures and not gotten passed on the run. However today was not going to be like any other day. Top 5 got paid and come hell and high water I was going to finish in the top 5.

The run was horribly hilly but the old diesel IM engine got going and I did my 10 kms with a grimace on my face but a desire to succeed in my heart. I ran like I stole something and got across that bloody up hill finishline in 5th. Wahoo winner winner chicken dinner. I managed to sit down on the side of the road and spewed my lunchtime carrots everywhere to everyones horror. Not my finest moment but I had a grin a mile wide. Who knew pain could be so fun when it only lasts a few hours.

Lukey and I walked my tired ass home to Villasimus and talked about how many espresso's my massive 100 euro pay check would buy.

I know what you all are thinking... why bother for 100 euro's but it's not about the size of the pay check. It's about the size of the heart and the size of the fight in the girl. On this day I was the richest one out there, a prize fighter and I made myself proud to know I did my absolute best. Carrots and all.

Another day is coming to the end here in Italy and tomorrow is the 70.3 Pescara race. Heck I have lost my mind but how much fun is insanity!!!

Stay tuned

Memphis x