Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hawaiian Time

Good lord where does one start when she has been so neglectful. Perhaps race day. 

Race Day was EXCITING! Luke had a great day even though he may say he is a bit bummed he did not make the top 10. 15Th is still super awesome! A huge year of racing and slightly cooked legs did not stop him from trying to go with the big boys on the bike. Yes he paid the price a bit later but you never find out if you have it if you don't go see. He could have sat in the pack and ran a few minuets quicker but he got off and had another go for the first half of the marathon. He learnt so much and I am so proud of his awesome efforts. Good job Jimmy!!!!!!

Post race was the K-Swiss party. Super duper fun here. Our afternoon started with me coming good on my Opus One bet with Sam M. I said if she got top 5 we would crack it. She did so we did. The wine was amazing and the party just got started. I high jacked the front door in my drunken stupor and rightly so got punted off by Erik. Bless him for putting up with me for that long anyways ha ha ha. I actually pulled the party pants off pretty early as training had to be done the next day.  

Training and more training happened on the big island before we headed off to Maui on the Monday after. We arrived at the 10 day Maui headquarters and settled right in. Actually we got separation anxiety from Belinda and Justin. We all met up and had a blast over the next few days. I was of course training the whole time and had a great sag team of Joe and Luke every day. More miles were clocked off in spite of a nasty cough the plane had given me. 

Somewhere in there was this little race Luke entered called Xterra. However if you want to hear about that shimozzle I think you should head to his website for the classic and funny recap of the race that never was. 

Today is Wednesday and we are finally packing up from Hawaii for the final time this year. I think we have spent nearly 11 weeks here in total. No wonder this blog has gone on to Hawaiian time. Tomorrow we head over to the mainland. It will be a long trip back to Louisville KY where we left the Turtle. From there we head to Florida with a few quick stops on the way.

Some good people from the South have extended the hand of friendship and we are heading off to Tennessee to watch a collage game. It will also be Halloween and that means a costume party. I love a good dress up. 

I will do my best to get my act together on this blog ....

Until then 

Memphis x 

Friday, October 9, 2009

OK I have been crap... sorry. 

Kona is crazy! I managed to hold it all together training wise till yesterday ( Thursday) but then I had to adjust due to support crew duties! 

Luke is ready! I am so excited to watch him race. After a smashing year for us both this is just cream on the sweet cake of life that we enjoy. For some Kona is the be all and end all of their season. All their eggs go into the Kona basket. For us Kona is a place to try out race strategies of the future against the best in the world. 

One day Luke hopes to win this race. However for now he is just happy with coming here as fit as possible and with no pressure. He will give everything he has and will know that he can take risks to learn. He is swimming like a freak and riding better than ever. After doing 3 Ironmans to improve his marathon times he comes here hoping to put it all together. I know he is capable of a top 10 but so many things can happen ... both good and bad. 

The field is amazing and everyone is pumped up. There will be about 7 guys truly capable of winning and at least 25 guys capable of going in the top 10. What will be will be. 

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Summer Twist and JJ. Summer has come out to support us both for the last 3 years. She is a super fan and sister forever. Our mutual buddy Marie is here also and the 3 of us will be uber supporters on the long day tomorrow. 

Vicky and Pete ( Luke's folks) are here to cheer and we will all be holding our breath for about 8 and a half hours. Go Lukey!!!!

Good Luck to everyone , Stay safe and Stay tuned :) 

Memphis x