Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nebula Street

The universe has a funny way of giving you what you need. 

We searched high and low for a place but with no luck. Then through one of my oldest and dearest friends I got in contact with the "Fabulous" Marion. Luke and I now live in her beautiful little apartment and we could not be happier. The unit is in Sunshine Beach and is perfect. Of course not we have turned it into a tri geek heaven with bikes, shoes and wetsuits packed to the rafters. 

The kitchen is massive but not as massive as the BBQ that Luke decided to buy at the pawn shop. I think he got a little BBQ envy when he saw "The Boss and Boss Lady's" epic grill. 

We have been training up a storm with the exception of  a quick one day visit to see Erik down at the Aussie Tennis Open. What an awesome day. We watched 3 K-Swiss athletes kick ass... Alona and her sister Katerina and also the very handsome Tommy Hass. 

Just 24 hours later and we are back home and back on the bikes. Unfortunately it has been raining a little and everyone is getting flat tires. When it rains debris gets all over the road and punctures are a pain. 

Lady C and the other motley crew are coming over this Friday to try out the MONSTER BBQ so I will post some pix then. 

Stay tuned


Sunday, January 11, 2009

10 days!

10 days after starting the training schedule I have finally started to feel better. The Christmas pudding(fat rolls) have started to disappear and I am able to complete all my sessions without complaining, tweaking or finding excuses to cut them short. Actually since I took 6 weeks completely off I am actually pleasantly surprised at how quickly it has come back. Some groovy things of note in this 2009 season so far :

1. Since my eye laser surgery I can not only see the timing board at the pool but can also identify people in the pool. Nice.

2. Wine is NOT one of the five food groups. I have done extensive research and no one will substantiate this false claim I have been making for years. Now wine is only aloud on weekends.
3.  Luke and I finally found a place to call home. In spite of The Boss and  The Boss ladies lovely hospitality we needed to find our own place. I just cant walk around nude in someone elses home. 

4. Ned  (our rusty old Nissan Pathfinder) does not like the heat. He is constantly getting way too thirsty and I suspect may have a leak somewhere.  I am saddened to think that his days are numbered.

5. There are no flat rides here in the Sunny coast. I am now having to ride the wind trainer on perfectly fine days..... it's killing me! But what the Boss says goes. I can not imagine what it is like for Triple L over there in Montana where snow makes you ride the darn thing for more than an hour. 

Stay tuned 


Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Woo Hoo!!!!

After gallivanting around Western Australia for a month with Jimmy we have finally made it up to our summer training base here in the Sunny Coast. Over the first few days we have stayed with "The Boss"  aka coach Kristian and "The Boss Lady" super star Charlotte in Peregian Springs. 
I have been looking for something a little more permanent and struck gold! I think I have found us the perfect beach shack! I am so excited but am not allowed to apply till tomorrow! God Dam it! 

It feels like forever since we lived with Joey in Bend little alone had our stuff out of boxes in a place of our own. I am a bit excited really. I cant wait to have my own kitchen yippee!
Training has officially started and I was feeling every moment of the 6 weeks I had off on my run this morning. Oh well you have to start somewhere right?

I had forgotten how beautiful it is up here! 
So with the new programme in hand I had better get moving. 

Happy New Year !

Memphis x