Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 Woo Hoo!!!!

After gallivanting around Western Australia for a month with Jimmy we have finally made it up to our summer training base here in the Sunny Coast. Over the first few days we have stayed with "The Boss"  aka coach Kristian and "The Boss Lady" super star Charlotte in Peregian Springs. 
I have been looking for something a little more permanent and struck gold! I think I have found us the perfect beach shack! I am so excited but am not allowed to apply till tomorrow! God Dam it! 

It feels like forever since we lived with Joey in Bend little alone had our stuff out of boxes in a place of our own. I am a bit excited really. I cant wait to have my own kitchen yippee!
Training has officially started and I was feeling every moment of the 6 weeks I had off on my run this morning. Oh well you have to start somewhere right?

I had forgotten how beautiful it is up here! 
So with the new programme in hand I had better get moving. 

Happy New Year !

Memphis x