Monday, February 26, 2007


Oh My God!

What can I say....... my race report is as follows

The swim start was a bit of a debarkle as most of the athletes were still on the dock as the gun went off but luckily i had swam out to the start line. I felt great in the water and took off at a great steady pace. I was pretty soon catching some of the pro's and was pretty sure I was the first one in my age group. Out of the water in 1 hour flat ( no wetsuit) not bad at all.

On to the bike and took the first 10 kms easy. Had a massive big hill to go up and did not want a repeat of the dreaded butt cramps.... please see previous race reports. Settled into a steady pace and started to put some time into the other girls. Went around in 5.40 and felt great.

Next was the run and had figured out that the only other girl in the running was an aussie girl. She was still about 15mins down and I was pretty sure if i could hold it together on the run i would be good for it. First lap was good but hard but no time change, second lap was harder but still no time change , third lap i figured she would make her move so I put in a little bit more effort i had her by 20 or so mins. Collected my final wrist band and headed out for the last lap.

I got to the last drink station at the top of the turn around and thats the last thing I remember. Apparently i started to stagger at the 36km mark and colapsed on the side of the road. I dont remember a thing but the ambulance came and picked me up and took me to the medical tent. P.S Dingo I was in the red critical Heck! I was unconcious for about 2 hours and when i came to i didnt know my name or Lukes or even recognise my mum. So they took me to the hospital where i started to come round. I couldnt believe i was 6 kms away from finishing and was so far in front and blacked out. Dam Dam Dam. I was headed for a 11 hour race 4 sure and am so disapointed not to have my well deserved kona spot but they dont give them out for 36 kms they only give them out for those who cross the finish line.

What i am taking away with me is that i know i have it now and I know i will get that elusive spot this year as this was so dam hot and hard out there. I led all day and toughed it out till they had to drag me off the bloody course unconcious.

Thankyou to everyone who sent amazing emails and especially Luke, Adrian, Mum and John who all came with me and supported me all day..... i couldnt have done it... well almost... without you!