Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am sorry Matt Lieto... You were right, I was wrong!

The old legs got a bit of a smashing yesterday. Out on the highway I was busy sucking Luke's wheel for 5 hours. I have been unable to go for a real ride since before taper IM Malaysia. God that was a million moons ago. Anyways the 9km 11 per cent grade climb gave them the pinch they were wanting. However I was aware of the pain that was to be bestowed upon me this morning in my long run tready session. 

Here is where my apology must be made "Matt Lieto you were right and I Memphis Coletrane was WRONG" 

I knew that my poor old calves needed all the help they could get. I caved in after a year of poo pooing compression sox while training, I put the dam things on and ran. Yes I pulled those completely UNSEXY long socks on and looked like a dork. 

I was struggling with lactic for about 15 mins but slowly those babies came good and I was smashing my long run. God dam those bloody socks work for more than recovery. 

After a great run we headed down to the ITU race in Mooloolaba and watched everyone race around like crazy people for 2 hours. Now we are kicking back and looking forward to another great week in Noosa

Stay tuned 

Memphis x 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

How funny.

So last week I "trained" a little. A build up to this weeks first week of proper training.  Every day a little of everything. With an increase day by day. By Sunday I was pumped to be heading out in the Noosa sunshine to do my first long run in 3 weeks. I had mapped out a route and set off on my merry way. Feeling like an actual pro athlete again I even cracked out a brand new pair of K-Swiss Keahou's. I was all colour coordinated (these things are important when you know you are going to be running like a slug by the end of the session) carrying 3 gels and prancing along beautifully for the first hour. By the last half of the session I was desperately trying to hold pace with spit flying everywhere and a bright red face. Not pretty. I made it back home and was very pleased with myself that I had achieved my goal times. I went for a MASSIVE 1.6 km swim in the afternoon. 

Now this morning I woke up and feel like I have done an Ironman. My legs are screaming and every muscle in my body hurts. WTF!!!!!

Let this be a lesson... don't get the flu in Malaysia it kicks your ass for weeks. I seriously can not walk up and down the stairs in my flat with out crying. I am in serious pain. To be honest I am just so happy to be able to run again that I don't care. 

Perhaps this is a good reason to go get a massage. I am however scared from the knowledge that just 2 short weeks ago a massage cost just 6 USD per hour. I wonder if Helen the wonder massage lady will take a pay cut. Probably not. I really should not be so cheap.

Stay tuned 


Friday, March 20, 2009

Getting better Getting ready!

Unfortunately I have not had much to write about over the last 2 weeks. Plenty to whinge and piss and moan about but I won't bore you with all the snotty details. 

Post Malaysia / Cambodia it as been a long road back. Both Luke and I have been ill like never before. At one stage of delirium I think I slept in a beanbag for a few nights. Upright. House locked for weeks nearly drove us mad. 

Luckily this has finished and thankfully I am back training. Just to make it a little tricky however there has been some cyclones around the area. I was sent a brand new pair of Scott cycling shoes that I cant try out because I don't want to get them muddy on their first outing. That's just silly I know but many of you secretly do the same. Don't deny it ha ha. 

Luke and I will still be going to China for the 70.3. Luke wanted to do the full IM but his cough meant that the doctor has put the Kibosh on it. I am looking forward to re starting my season there. 

I am super excited to go to Port Mac in 2 weeks to watch the IM Australia. It should be an awesome race with Chrissy and MJ headlining the show. I will be cheering on K- Swiss team mate Kate Bevilaqua (also from my home town of Perth) and I know that she will have her hands full with Bek Keat going as well. The mens race is shaping up to be a cracker also and I hope to be cheering on Mathias for his first IM win. Go PIKEY

The season is really starting now and I am pumped! 

Stay tuned 

Memphis x 

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ironman Lessons and Cambodian Pix.

Well the season and has started but not without some ups and downs. 

The down part I will keep short. Race morning I woke and was feeling ok just the usual pre race nerves. Got in the water and before the gun even went off I started to throw up. My breaky floated around me as I took off. The swim felt like a million miles long but I finished it and was very glad to get on solid ground. I saw Kim and Sue Sarah Vic and Pete and thought as long as I get some food in straight away all should be ok. 
Out on the bike things went from bad to worse. The food and drink just would not stay in and I just got weaker and weaker. By the time I got off the bike in transition I was seeing stars and knew I was in EPIC trouble. I made it t the 1 km mark of the run and made the hard decision to pull out. 
Malaysia was the only race I have ever had not finished so this was killing me. Once I had pulled out though I knew I had made the right choice. I kept dry reaching for hours.
The good part was that not all was lost as I was able to watch my SUPER DUPER boyfriend race the race of his life. Luke was amazing and won by over 5 mins. I was so excited and it made the day ok in the end. Your own ego is easily healed when the man that you love kicks some serious ass. 
24 hours later and Luke and I were at the awards waiting for him to do his winners speech when he got ill. The vomit come hard and fast and he went down quickly. Obviously whatever virus I had race morning he now had. Sadly he had to leave the presentation early and never got to make that speech. I spent the night looking after a very sick winner. 
Looking back I can see all the ways that I have grown this last year. Pulling out voluntarily was something I NEVER thought I would do but this is my job. There is 7 more races on my schedule this year and if I learnt nothing last year I learnt not to bury myself early in the season just to prove a point. My first idea post race was to switch from the half IM in China to the full but I have yet to shake this virus so the half  will stay. 

That race will still be there next year and Lukey will be back to defend his title and finally give that speech. 

Post race Sarah Luke and I went to the amazing Cambodia. This country is beautiful. The people are so soft and friendly. I loved every minute in spite of the first day being a wipe out from illness. I quickly recovered with the help of 8 dollar massages. The pictures below are just some of the amazing shots we took. We had a blast for 4 days and are now back on the Gold Coast heading home. 

Stay tuned 

Memphis x