Sunday, March 22, 2009

How funny.

So last week I "trained" a little. A build up to this weeks first week of proper training.  Every day a little of everything. With an increase day by day. By Sunday I was pumped to be heading out in the Noosa sunshine to do my first long run in 3 weeks. I had mapped out a route and set off on my merry way. Feeling like an actual pro athlete again I even cracked out a brand new pair of K-Swiss Keahou's. I was all colour coordinated (these things are important when you know you are going to be running like a slug by the end of the session) carrying 3 gels and prancing along beautifully for the first hour. By the last half of the session I was desperately trying to hold pace with spit flying everywhere and a bright red face. Not pretty. I made it back home and was very pleased with myself that I had achieved my goal times. I went for a MASSIVE 1.6 km swim in the afternoon. 

Now this morning I woke up and feel like I have done an Ironman. My legs are screaming and every muscle in my body hurts. WTF!!!!!

Let this be a lesson... don't get the flu in Malaysia it kicks your ass for weeks. I seriously can not walk up and down the stairs in my flat with out crying. I am in serious pain. To be honest I am just so happy to be able to run again that I don't care. 

Perhaps this is a good reason to go get a massage. I am however scared from the knowledge that just 2 short weeks ago a massage cost just 6 USD per hour. I wonder if Helen the wonder massage lady will take a pay cut. Probably not. I really should not be so cheap.

Stay tuned