Sunday, March 29, 2009

I am sorry Matt Lieto... You were right, I was wrong!

The old legs got a bit of a smashing yesterday. Out on the highway I was busy sucking Luke's wheel for 5 hours. I have been unable to go for a real ride since before taper IM Malaysia. God that was a million moons ago. Anyways the 9km 11 per cent grade climb gave them the pinch they were wanting. However I was aware of the pain that was to be bestowed upon me this morning in my long run tready session. 

Here is where my apology must be made "Matt Lieto you were right and I Memphis Coletrane was WRONG" 

I knew that my poor old calves needed all the help they could get. I caved in after a year of poo pooing compression sox while training, I put the dam things on and ran. Yes I pulled those completely UNSEXY long socks on and looked like a dork. 

I was struggling with lactic for about 15 mins but slowly those babies came good and I was smashing my long run. God dam those bloody socks work for more than recovery. 

After a great run we headed down to the ITU race in Mooloolaba and watched everyone race around like crazy people for 2 hours. Now we are kicking back and looking forward to another great week in Noosa

Stay tuned 

Memphis x