Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Raining Cats and Dogs.

I don't understand this crazy country and its mental weather patterns at all. Since returning home I have experienced some of the strangest weather of all time. I have been in the following :

46 degree dry heat in Western Australia.... it was so hot my eye balls were burning!
36 degree heat with 100 per cent humidity in Noosa ..... a great way to loose the christmas pudding. Steaming your ass off. 
Bush fires in Victoria that killed 210 people.... one of the saddest things I have ever seen in Australia in my lifetime. 
Massive surf swells here in Noosa.... the boys are going nuts. 
Torrential rain.... todays ride had me returning home drenched and soaked like never before. 
Flooding up and down the QLD NSW coast that means that IM Port Macquarie looks like it will be a 3.8km swim followed by a 180km swim on your bike and finally a 42 km swimming marathon. 
Towns have been cut off and the roads are closed going up and down the coast. 

I keep thinking that Lilly should have signed up for this race as the Danish love the cold and rain right? Poor Matthias will not be happy. 

I think I may have to bust out some actual clothes.... up here in Noosa the standard attire is K-Swiss singlets and hawaiian short shorts and a bikini. 
Speaking of short shorts and bikini's Hillary will be flying to Sydney with us and then embarking on a road trip to see the race. Adrian is driving the Merc and it should be fun and games. I will be packing the K-Ona's to do some epic running over the weekend however in the top of the luggage I will be packing my party pants as it is my birthday and I have some red wine drinking to do with Miss Alice. 

I will keep you all posted of the weekends dramas :) 

Memphis x