Monday, April 13, 2009

Races, Birthdays,Cancer All Clears and more Rain!!!

Since I wrote last we went and watched the Ironman Australia! Awesome day all in all. Chrissy smashed em and Patrick sported the budgie smugglers and taught the young pups a lesson in marathon running. Not that PJ and Berkel didn't have a red hot crack. They did have a good go at taking the old dog down but to no avail. 
Our dear friend Matthias did not have the day he wished for but he sucked it up and put it in the bank for Ironman Frankfurt. 

The Monday after the race I went to Sydney. I felt very adult about my life. A visit to the accountant confirmed that I have a rubbish tax system but am not beyond redemption.... for a price. 3 hours of being sensible and bonofied led a girl to the nearest cocktail lounge for real birthday celebrations with the nearest and dearest. Myself, Luke, Ado, Mena, Alice and Jimmy went to Longrain for beautiful Thai food and red wine. It was super awesome to catch up with a few of my old clients John and Issy.

With the party pants packed back in the carry on luggage we came home on Tuesday. We had just 1 more week of training before we head off to China. Shockingly it is still raining cats and dogs here. I also feel as thought the massive carpet python that has moved into our apartment building is worth a mention. "6 foot" is the reported size of this slippery bugger. I can not lie I have yet to see it myself but my very trust worthy next door neighbour informs me that it has been lurking around. I do suspect that he maybe self medicating with the hippy herbs so the six foot may be slightly exaggerated. I will keep you all posted. 

Lastly a HUGE shout out to my beautiful friend David Clarke! Today we got word that he is in the clear of his cancer..... now that's a good reason to crack a bottle of red with dinner tonight. 

I will check in from China! 

Stay tuned