Wednesday, July 30, 2008

San Diego Wedding & Jimmys birthday

Over the weekend we enjoyed a couple of days in San Diego. Along with being Jimmy's Birthday we went to our friends Rachael and Bills wedding. My last break before the big dance in Canada (August 24th)

Happy 27th Birthday Jimmy!

The nervous Bride to BE ... lucky I bought the wine!
Hangin with the Visionary and Mikey at the Turf Club 
The Newly Weds ... Rach & Bill A.K.A Koala Bear & Culinary King
Oh my God ... YOUR MARRIED!
We drank ALL that wine!
Beauty and the Beast ... and a Handsome Beast at that!
Hello ladies!
Mark ... The Fabulous!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008


A morning run
This is a little nicer than the GT
Cruzin the bike course with the man "Robb"
Beach side dinner
Talking whilst riding... again
My sarong for the bike blessing
Looking good boys, looking good!
I could get used to this.
Ta Da!
The Welcome dinner.

Beach side interview.
Transition Bali style.
The swim start.... perfect!
That's me running in there.
I would like to point out that both my feet are off the ground and this is km 8...Kristian you are doing something right :) 
Jimmy smashes them by 13 mins.... nice one Jimmy!
The nicest race director in the WORLD !!!!! We love you Robb!!!!!

A short trip took us down to Bali for a fantastic little race. It is only the second year of it's running and we were privileged to be flown down by  the race sponsor Garuda Indonesia Airlines. 
Robb Strom the amazing race director picked us up from the airport. From the first second that you are at this amazing place you know you are in for a treat. 

The hustle and bustle of Kuta is the first thing you see as you leave the airport. As our cab weaved through the crazy traffic it transported us to the incredible Four Seasons Hotel. Here we were treated to a breath taking room that would be our home for the next 5 days. Instantly we regretted not making our stay here longer. 

Bali has not changed in so many ways since I was here 20 years ago....yes that long. However the huge hotels have made an impact on the island but in a positive way. It was amazing to see how the Four Seasons had opened its doors to triathlon and had put together this amazing little race. 

In our first few days we spent time swimming and running on the beach. We also rode the course with a police escort that took us the wrong way but hey that's Bali. 
The race was run.... in the beautiful waters, on the crazy roads and through an incredible market square with people and food and chickens and trucks. It was quite possibly the most fun one could ever have doing a triathlon. 

For anyone wanting to do a race in the end of June..... Please come to this event. You will NEVER have a race experience like it. The people of Bali are so special from the pre race bike blessing to the hundreds lining the streets wondering what the hell you are doing but cheering anyways, this is an event like no other. 

Tokyo Capers

In the back alleys of Shinjuku.
MMMMM Post IM Beer.
Tasty treats.
Some sort of weird street cake.
Yakatori Yum!!!!

At the Imperial Castle.
Walking through the East Gardens.
This is a street in Hirajuku.....seriously!
Cleansing at the temple.... I am not sure there is enough water in this thing to help me but HECK I will give it a go.
A prayer has been made.... I wonder if it will come true. 
Crepes.... I love crepes.
Pre big night out.
During BNO
Wine consumption BNO

After the Ironman Luke and I headed off to Tokyo for a few days. What a crazy city. We had the best time running around and exploring all the nooks and crannies. We found the coolest little Yakitori Bars on night one. After stuffing ourselves silly we headed home to our tiny hotel. The next day it was time for some site seeing, shopping and more of my favourite thing...EATING!  

The next night we headed in to Shibuya which is off the charts busy and has a million drunk people running in every direction. We had a blast! By the end of the night we fitted right in.