Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tokyo Capers

In the back alleys of Shinjuku.
MMMMM Post IM Beer.
Tasty treats.
Some sort of weird street cake.
Yakatori Yum!!!!

At the Imperial Castle.
Walking through the East Gardens.
This is a street in Hirajuku.....seriously!
Cleansing at the temple.... I am not sure there is enough water in this thing to help me but HECK I will give it a go.
A prayer has been made.... I wonder if it will come true. 
Crepes.... I love crepes.
Pre big night out.
During BNO
Wine consumption BNO

After the Ironman Luke and I headed off to Tokyo for a few days. What a crazy city. We had the best time running around and exploring all the nooks and crannies. We found the coolest little Yakitori Bars on night one. After stuffing ourselves silly we headed home to our tiny hotel. The next day it was time for some site seeing, shopping and more of my favourite thing...EATING!  

The next night we headed in to Shibuya which is off the charts busy and has a million drunk people running in every direction. We had a blast! By the end of the night we fitted right in.