Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Perfect Day!!!!

By now everyone probably knows that Luke won his first IM!!!!! I was meant to race but decided for a number of reasons not to. Most days of the week i would have FOMO ( Fear of missing out) but not this day!!!!

After the choice not to race was done I went into super supporter mode. Primarily we race in English speaking countries. In Tokyo most of the Japanese speak English but Tokyo is a long long way from Goto. Our home stays Junko, Kieko and Ichiro helped me map out the day. With the aid of a super tiny car and the generosity of Shane Smith and his Tri Travel bus we got around to 6-8 spots on the bike course. There we were able to yell splits and cheer our boy on.

Everyone kept pointing out "He is not talking, he is not saying anything" but to me that meant only good things. If Luke is calm and quite and relaxed I know he is on fire. This day I don't think he said a word till the 12 km mark on the run. A quick wink and a quick question and he was on his way to victory. He never hesitated. At the 36 km mark he mentioned as he passed by that unless Mitch was about to run sub 4 min kms he was good and that I should meet him at the finish line.

At the finish line Junko, Kieko, Shane Smith, Marcus and I welcomed him over in what was an amazing moment that I will never forget. He looked so relaxed , excited and so happy. Both of us just stood there and realised that "That just happened". I thought back to the day in the park last year where he was recovering from a knee injury and we were taking his first bike ride together. A rather large lady in a bright pink jersey, riding a clapped out old mountain bike passed us like we were riding backwards. My my we came a long way in a year and a half haven't we Jimmy.

Next stop presentation ...... what a fun night. All the Aussies were being a bit rowdy as usual and a few drinks where had. Luke gave a terrific speech that made everyone cry. I was so proud of him. Afterwards it was off to the Karoke bar for some more drinking and bad singing.

Goto Japan was a place that was so good to us and we can't wait to return.

Next time Vicki and Pete (Luke's parents) will have to come and watch....they were the only thing missing on "The Perfect Day"

Jimmy your the best...... "shake n bake "

Arrigato and sayanara