Thursday, June 19, 2008


What a fantastic day we had yesterday!!!! Luke and I went to a local school and took Junko our home stay as our interpreter. We had the giggles as we walked into the gym as we were actually a bit nervous about meeting all these little critters :) 75 Primary school kids can be a little bit scary.

We introduced ourselves...well Junko did... and had a bit of a chat about triathlon. Then we divided up into 5 teams and played this fun game that basically involves us all running around like idiots and trying not to get out sprinted by 6-11 year olds.

There were not really any rules just loads of screaming , running , high 5s and sweat. A lot of sweaty little kids and very sweaty big kids.

After the game these amazing little people sang us a really cute song about being Ironman Athletes. Also they presented us with the most beautiful hand made signs/flags.

Clearly this has been the highlight of our trip to date. Upon leaving they all cheered and crowded around us like we were rock stars. For a day I feel in love with the little blighters. Japanese kids are so cute. I look forward to riding past the school on the weekend and calling out some of the Japanese words I have learnt to them.

I will always remember that these tiny people went to so much trouble to welcome us.
"Tri making a change" seems to be taking shape with every day. I look forward to putting together the programme over the next few months that Luke and I can take all around the world.

Stay tuned
Love Memphis

The beautiful kids of Kawara
The silly triathletes taking stretch class!
I am tall... they are very small! Actually we are giants!

This is more fun than I ever had at school!
My team kicked a#$