Saturday, June 30, 2007


Mammoth Hot Springs...... after passing about 20 other hot springs so far on this trip these were the ones we actually stopped at. I wanted to stop at every one on the map but Jimmy insisted that these would be the best. He was right!!!!!

Not at all like I expected ...... coming from OZ I invisaged being able to jump right in..... no one mentioned that they were sulphur. A bit smelly and would burn your skin right off but beautiful all the same.

Not all are wet at this time of the year. It's staring to warm up. As you can see dry is really amazing. The colours are so so bright.

The mountains of Teton. This was taken in the morning.... they were the brightest purple.

Roadside cooking under the street lights. Jimmy was sure we would attract the bears with our lush cooking smells.

Old Faithful..... this geyser errupts every 20mins. Faithfully.

Melting Paintpots. In winter the snow blends with the mud and the sludge moves around. At this time of the year it just sends water gushing into the air. It is really dry and has salt beds that remind me of home...Newdegate.

The beautiful Yellowstone River.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


We went to a fantastic Bison Range!!!!!

Home Home on the range!

Yet another amazing view.

Stay in the car Memphis!!!! Thats a real black bear and he looks hungry!!!!!

For some reason I don't think that this grizzly's name is Yogi!!!!!

Entrance to the magnificant Glacier National Park.

Morning sun shine :)

Moose Moose I see a massive Moose !!!!!!

When Jimmy retires from triathlon one day he will probably work for National Geo as a photographer.... if they are lucky.

Weeping Wall 6000 ft in the rocky's ..... nice.

Memphis takes off early for some hard training by herself.....apparently Jimmy has the day off.... reckons he did some sort of hard race over the weekend... I think he is being soft. Ha Ha

Riding the Road to the Sun..... very bloody hard and long.

Memphis crossing waterfall bridge.

Look who's got FOMO (fear of missing out ) and has decided to join Memphis. Woo Hoo ya cant keep a good man off his bike for long with rides like this to do!!!!!


Lukey kickin some ass on the bike.

The Power bar and Timex Boys made it an interesting bike course. We were spotting in the car. Whilst there was a little down time waiting for the leaders to come down the road the jokes came thick and fast.

Run Luke Run !!!!! It was a tough but rewarding day.

Presentation. Love getting a trophy for the GT.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Race Day CDA

Woo Hoo Lukey rocks CDA !!!! His first IM race since Hawaii and the horrible knee injury he is BACK! He was out of the water (the coldest H2O) in 2nd, then rode a hard course to hold 2nd the entire bike. On the run he felt the results of 6 months off and lost a few places but came home strong to take 6th. The guys who came in infront of him are all at least 8 years older and have all won at least 1 Ironman race so he was in some great company. It was so amazing to watch this race as CDA is stunning!!!! I was lucky enough to grab a spot in the Timex spotter car so I have taken some wicked photos which I will post soon.
Check out some other great shots I took on Lukey's blog.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Well didn't we get the best home stay here in Coeur d'Alene..... Tom and Marie are the nicest people. They have looked after the two of us as if we were there own. They made us feel so welcome in there beautiful home in Post Falls.

They have two kids of their own and this house is built for fun.
The water might have been 58 degrees cold but i couldn't resist!!!!!!!

Every night the river was kissed by the sun..... stunning!!

Inspite of the fact that I was not racing I went swimming out on the lake. Dam it was cold!!!! Here Lady Penny and I are trying to warm up after a 2km lap. It looks so warm and sunny but don't be fooled.

Captain Tom and his first mate!!!

This is a tough life this triathlon taper!!!!

Down on the dock I am channelling Steve Irwin!!!!

This has to be the coolest Denny's Dinner ever!!!! Not so sure about the two fools out the front though!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Training in Bend.

The weather here is quite cool in the morning so we had a little sleep in. A rib hangover perhaps!!! We went for our 3 kms swim in the best pool facilities I have seen in the US so far.

After our swim we headed out to do a solid ride. Since we were new to town we were advised to go out on quite a simple route. Apparently it's easy to get lost out in the mountains and knowing my luck I would get eaten by a killer beaver.

We stayed on the beaten track but were clearly not disapointed by the views.

The day was topped off by an incredible trail run up the river bank. No killer beavers up there.


Medford to Bend

We awoke in the trusty GT to cool weather and took off early towards Crater Lake. I loved Oregon as soon as we crossed the border. It has the most beautiful tall trees that you have to drive through. We stopped creek side for breaky and found heaps of family's camped out with everyone knee deep in water. It turns out to be salmon season. Fishing is taken very seriously in Oregon.

Onward we pressed into the hills. Slow and steadily the GT took us up to Crater Lake which sits at 6500 ft. Earlier our plan had been to get out and ride the rim however the 40 degree temps and the large amount of snow on the roads changed our minds quite quickly.

We came back down the mountain and continued our trip into Bend. What a magic little town this place is. It has the best river running straight through the middle of town. It was the Bite on Bend festival and we indulged in a little road side ribs!!!!


San Fran to Medford

Hills, hills and more hills. Todays ride was all about the little gears. We went for the best ride in Mill Valley. I personally think it should have been named Hill Valley but whatever. It was still beautiful to ride. The trusty old steed was a little creaky and I think she wants a service.