Saturday, June 23, 2007


Well didn't we get the best home stay here in Coeur d'Alene..... Tom and Marie are the nicest people. They have looked after the two of us as if we were there own. They made us feel so welcome in there beautiful home in Post Falls.

They have two kids of their own and this house is built for fun.
The water might have been 58 degrees cold but i couldn't resist!!!!!!!

Every night the river was kissed by the sun..... stunning!!

Inspite of the fact that I was not racing I went swimming out on the lake. Dam it was cold!!!! Here Lady Penny and I are trying to warm up after a 2km lap. It looks so warm and sunny but don't be fooled.

Captain Tom and his first mate!!!

This is a tough life this triathlon taper!!!!

Down on the dock I am channelling Steve Irwin!!!!

This has to be the coolest Denny's Dinner ever!!!! Not so sure about the two fools out the front though!!!!