Sunday, April 25, 2010

No news is good news.

Well not much to report on the training /racing front. Just been putting down some amazing running, swimming and biking for IM Brazil in about a month. I was going to go to Busselton for a half IM which would have been super rad as it is practically my home town race. Sadly I had to can it for two main reasons. 1st my teeth have been giving me grief and I have had to do a root canal on one of them. Boo. Secondly the "super coach" thought my time would be much wiser spent smashing myself over here @ home rather than taper and travel to West OZ only to pack up and head to Kona days after getting back. All in all we figured I would loose a week to a week and a half of solid training. Not ideal for IM Brazil. Let's face it I have had some pretty shitty races lately and I really want to get my shit together this season.

On a totally different note I am excited to report that the wedding dress arrived and I no longer have to fear that I will be naked at our wedding in Kona in OCT. Actually everything is booked and organized. I am pretty pleased with how it is all coming together. I have sent the prized dress back to mum to look after as clearly one can not shove a designer dress into a bike box for 6 months and drag it across 4 continents and expect it to look any good on the day. She will no doubt take extra good care of it.

Lukey and the boys have got their finery and will look very dashing. Adrian the groomsman will be keeping me company this weekend while Luke heads over to the Busso race. Actually there are some pretty good reasons for him coming to visit. Firstly we don't get to see each other during the year while I am away so clearly there is gossip and an oyster to be had before we leave. Secondly he can come up with a small back pack and return to Sydney on the same flight with us and help carry our luggage as those thieving bastards at the airport wont let you pre purchase any more than 20kgs so they can double charge you on over weight. Wankers !!!!! Well I have out maneuvered you!!!!! This is no doubt the first small win of the travelling season of me verses all airlines world wide.

Lastly I am happy to report that the fishing rod and tackle box I got for my birthday has had its first work out. Thank you baby as I know how much you detest fishing and yet you bought it for me as I love fishing. Sadly Luke's angling abilities are a little sketchy. Amanda - 3 fish Luke - 0

Stay tuned
Memphis x

Monday, April 5, 2010

Singa's and beyond !

Newtown Night Markets...where the beer is cold and the fish is spicy!
Did Joe eat some spicy fish?
Lucky the beer will cool us down.

Here is a few fun one's from our days in Singapore.

Jimmy finishing a massive day in China!!
Taking the win!!!

After 10 days in Singapore we headed to China for Jimmy's redemption. Nice work Jimmy!!! After all that tough racing we headed to Bali for some much needed R and R.

Stay tuned Memphis x

Finally a new card reader!!!

Luke and his Best Man to be "Sparra"
Ado the other Groomsman in the pool after 14 Mai Tai's!!!!
Sunset Lukey!
Sunset Joe!
This place is RUBBISH!

Here are some belated photo's of the boys in Malaysia. I finally found my card reader on the same day as I bought a new one....mmmm. Seems that Lukey had taken a liking to it and had hidden it in his camera case along with my SD photo card. Oh well now I have a back up.

Next will be more shots of Asia!!!

Stay tuned Memphis x

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home

After a quick trip down to Port McQuarie to watch the IM we are finally home. Training has been a blast this week as Alice (Bridesmaid @ upcoming wedding) is here and has been my training partner. Loads of laughing and talking. Today I took her out for a nice 4 hour ride that turned into a 6 hour epic ride. After smashing 8 shots of expresso we made it home... all be it a bit soggy. I got lost... was talking to much.

I still have not located my photo card reader. If I can not find it tomorrow I will buy a new one so I can upload some classic snaps.

Stay tuned

Memphis x