Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year.

2010 came around so fast. 2009 was a good and a bad year rolled into one. No more looking back only looking forward I say. 

The new year was rung in with amazing friends here in Noosa. A picnic down on the river was super fun. I cooked a giant leg of lamb. Souvlaki style. The mint jelly was even brought out in a social function. Heck I must really like these people. 

I woke up on the 1st day of Jan without a hangover. A good sign. We headed down to main beach for an ocean swim. Out to Teatree Point and back. The water was a little rough. I flipped around like a bit of a wounded seal however I still made it there in good time. The trip back gave me a little love kiss across the body and face by a blue bottle/stinger type creature but hey I won't complain as I also got to see one of the local turtles. 

I am fired up about the beautiful weather here and the training that is happening. So as I dive head on into a new year I want to send out a quick but heart felt thank you to all of our amazing sponsors and friends for with out you all we would be no where.... THANK YOU so much.

Stay tuned 

Memphis x 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Photo's

Guy and Jac
Luke with his Secret Santa gift.
Happy Jac, Sum Sum, Memphis on chrissy morning.
Guy wearing his secret santa gift.
Sum SUm ,A Man and JJ.

 Dinner ...Yum! 
The dinner table @ the Grangers. 
Pete and Nev.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and other goings ons !!!

The end of the season came to a close. We finally made it home to our beautiful little apartment only to leave again for WA just 3 days later. 

We headed west to watch Happy Jac (Luke's baby sister), Alice ( my bridesmaid in Oct) and her sister Caroline all race IM Western Australia. All of them were terrific on a super scorcher of a day. Happy killed it with a PB, Caroline was amazing with a IM Debut of 10.30 something and Alice came second in her age group and got one of those very sort after kona slots :) 

A quick trip around the south saw us catch up with everyone and 5 days after we got there we were back home again. 

This year it has been great to be home so early and back into training with Belinda and Justin. We have the best community here. Everything we could want. The weather has been great. Well there has been a couple of rainy moments but hey I wont complain.

Finally the other huge news has been Christmas. My best girl Sum Sum and her man Aaron arrived early Christmas day. Sum is 7.5 months pregnant and her baby JJ is enjoying her first trip down under. I am going to be her "GM" (God Mother) so I have been loving hanging with them.  Breakfast was at our house and Luke's family and Happy's boyfriend Guy came up before we packed the car with everything including the dining table and chairs and headed to Belinda and Justin's house for Lunch/dinner. 

What a fantastic afternoon as we had Kristian and Char and her folks also. Belinda's Pop was there and he is an old cracker of a bloke.... so funny. Belinda's mum and dad got through all the yummy wine I brought with me. There was even a late drop in by Simon Thompson who is up for a training week. 

With all the food and drink it has been straight back into it. i think we will be riding down to Byron Bay tomorrow. That should melt some calories. 

Will post pics tomorrow :) 

Till the new year take care and stay tuned

Memphis x