Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year.

2010 came around so fast. 2009 was a good and a bad year rolled into one. No more looking back only looking forward I say. 

The new year was rung in with amazing friends here in Noosa. A picnic down on the river was super fun. I cooked a giant leg of lamb. Souvlaki style. The mint jelly was even brought out in a social function. Heck I must really like these people. 

I woke up on the 1st day of Jan without a hangover. A good sign. We headed down to main beach for an ocean swim. Out to Teatree Point and back. The water was a little rough. I flipped around like a bit of a wounded seal however I still made it there in good time. The trip back gave me a little love kiss across the body and face by a blue bottle/stinger type creature but hey I won't complain as I also got to see one of the local turtles. 

I am fired up about the beautiful weather here and the training that is happening. So as I dive head on into a new year I want to send out a quick but heart felt thank you to all of our amazing sponsors and friends for with out you all we would be no where.... THANK YOU so much.

Stay tuned 

Memphis x