Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bad Memphis but happy Memphis!

Cruzin' in Kona on my Scott Sub 10!
Out in the saddle on the Queen K!
On the Queen K with Bridesmaid Alice who was also racing.
Getting ready for the big day!!!

A sneaky champers before the ceremony with my girls!
Bridesmaids Alice and Summer!
The wedding party!
Girls getting girly!

Jimmy and memphis get hitched!

Well what a busy month.

After a broken wheel @ 30kms in IMW I had to abandon my race. I was really bummed but I went back out and cheered on all my friends. It was great to see fellow K-Swisser's Joe Gambles and Gina Crawford take down the wins. I also had the chance to hang with BFF Hillary Biscay. I had a stopover in Chicago and that meant one thing. A massive box of Chicago mix popcorn. Post race Matty Lieto, Maki , Hillary and I smashed that thing.

Only a week later and I was off to Cancun to a half IM race. I was entered and fired up but could barely walk with a slice in my foot. I entered, I finished but hell it was not pretty. I finished in a terrible time but dam it I started so I was glad to finish. Lukey on the other hand had a blinder and finished 2nd to the other Luke, Luke Bell. In a blink of the eye we jumped on the plane and headed to Kona to prepare for 2 of the biggest days of the year. First for Lukey was the Ironman. I was going to chase the race by spotting for the lead women. Then on the Tuesday following the race we would be getting married.

With 10 days to go disaster struck and Luke could not walk. He was in bed for two days with cronic back pain and was not even able to sit up. Slowly over the next few days we came to the sad realization that he would not be lining up this year. He was shattered. There were tears but then he realized that he something bigger to look forward to. The Wedding.

Race day came and went and my god what a day it turned out to be. As everyone by now should know it was a double Aussie win with Macca and Rinsta taking the top spots. Chrissy pulled out before the start with illness and showed everyone that in the end she is in fact human. Luke got a chance to ride around in the lead control car and leant more than he ever imagined. My other 2 athletes Belinda and Kate had a great but not super day. Both were just happy to be out there and enjoyed the Hawaiian atmosphere.

All the family had arrived and we were fired up to celebrate in a way you can only imagine. We partied like rockstars and had a blast. With everyone coming from far and wide. People from Perth, Sydney, England and the USA. I have added some pictures to commemorate what a great day it was. A small group of us headed to Vegas to continue the party for 4 more days.

Finally we are home. Back in our little apartment and man it feels good. Sadly my bike is missing and I am gaining, gaining around the middle that is. I am looking forward to a long hot summer of hard training here in Noosa with all the family. Belinda and Juzzy are building the GAC (Granger Aquatic Centre) in their back yard. I know where I will be.
I will post some great pictures of the Great Aussie Summer Adventures.

Stay tuned

Memphis x