Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Race Day CDA

Woo Hoo Lukey rocks CDA !!!! His first IM race since Hawaii and the horrible knee injury he is BACK! He was out of the water (the coldest H2O) in 2nd, then rode a hard course to hold 2nd the entire bike. On the run he felt the results of 6 months off and lost a few places but came home strong to take 6th. The guys who came in infront of him are all at least 8 years older and have all won at least 1 Ironman race so he was in some great company. It was so amazing to watch this race as CDA is stunning!!!! I was lucky enough to grab a spot in the Timex spotter car so I have taken some wicked photos which I will post soon.
Check out some other great shots I took on Lukey's blog. www.lukemckenzie.com