Thursday, June 28, 2007


We went to a fantastic Bison Range!!!!!

Home Home on the range!

Yet another amazing view.

Stay in the car Memphis!!!! Thats a real black bear and he looks hungry!!!!!

For some reason I don't think that this grizzly's name is Yogi!!!!!

Entrance to the magnificant Glacier National Park.

Morning sun shine :)

Moose Moose I see a massive Moose !!!!!!

When Jimmy retires from triathlon one day he will probably work for National Geo as a photographer.... if they are lucky.

Weeping Wall 6000 ft in the rocky's ..... nice.

Memphis takes off early for some hard training by herself.....apparently Jimmy has the day off.... reckons he did some sort of hard race over the weekend... I think he is being soft. Ha Ha

Riding the Road to the Sun..... very bloody hard and long.

Memphis crossing waterfall bridge.

Look who's got FOMO (fear of missing out ) and has decided to join Memphis. Woo Hoo ya cant keep a good man off his bike for long with rides like this to do!!!!!