Saturday, June 30, 2007


Mammoth Hot Springs...... after passing about 20 other hot springs so far on this trip these were the ones we actually stopped at. I wanted to stop at every one on the map but Jimmy insisted that these would be the best. He was right!!!!!

Not at all like I expected ...... coming from OZ I invisaged being able to jump right in..... no one mentioned that they were sulphur. A bit smelly and would burn your skin right off but beautiful all the same.

Not all are wet at this time of the year. It's staring to warm up. As you can see dry is really amazing. The colours are so so bright.

The mountains of Teton. This was taken in the morning.... they were the brightest purple.

Roadside cooking under the street lights. Jimmy was sure we would attract the bears with our lush cooking smells.

Old Faithful..... this geyser errupts every 20mins. Faithfully.

Melting Paintpots. In winter the snow blends with the mud and the sludge moves around. At this time of the year it just sends water gushing into the air. It is really dry and has salt beds that remind me of home...Newdegate.

The beautiful Yellowstone River.