Sunday, January 11, 2009

10 days!

10 days after starting the training schedule I have finally started to feel better. The Christmas pudding(fat rolls) have started to disappear and I am able to complete all my sessions without complaining, tweaking or finding excuses to cut them short. Actually since I took 6 weeks completely off I am actually pleasantly surprised at how quickly it has come back. Some groovy things of note in this 2009 season so far :

1. Since my eye laser surgery I can not only see the timing board at the pool but can also identify people in the pool. Nice.

2. Wine is NOT one of the five food groups. I have done extensive research and no one will substantiate this false claim I have been making for years. Now wine is only aloud on weekends.
3.  Luke and I finally found a place to call home. In spite of The Boss and  The Boss ladies lovely hospitality we needed to find our own place. I just cant walk around nude in someone elses home. 

4. Ned  (our rusty old Nissan Pathfinder) does not like the heat. He is constantly getting way too thirsty and I suspect may have a leak somewhere.  I am saddened to think that his days are numbered.

5. There are no flat rides here in the Sunny coast. I am now having to ride the wind trainer on perfectly fine days..... it's killing me! But what the Boss says goes. I can not imagine what it is like for Triple L over there in Montana where snow makes you ride the darn thing for more than an hour. 

Stay tuned