Friday, August 31, 2007

Post Canada

We are back in Bend all safe and sound. After hanging around on the couch with Streetly Brown the wonder dog I am ready to get back into it. It is funny how the legs don't hurt as much with that slot tucked under my pillow. Actually I pulled up super well and am so pumped that my buddy Little Lady Linsey Corbin aka Triple L is coming to Bend. Her folks live here and since Montana is on fire this is the best place for pre Hawaii preparations. The Bend Bandits... Cliby, Paul, Triple L, Jimmy and myself will no doubt be tearing up Mt Bachelor over the next few weeks. This town is so perfect it has everything you need. Mountains, flats, trail runs, lakes rivers and a 50 mt pool. We will train hard before we head down to Cancun Mexico on the 12th for our last pre Hawaii race.
Thank you to all of you who wrote me after the race..... that was so awesome to get messages from all of you who have watched my journey. Sorry I have not responded to them all yet. I will get there eventually.

Stay tuned love Memphis