Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pushing yourself.

I have never been one to write in diaries. I don't include this blog because this is for people to read and take whatever they want and dismiss whatever they please as rubbish ramblings of a mad woman. More of an online news page. News about my world. A diary, as I have always considered, is for secrets. I am crap at keeping secrets... especially my own. I have never been one to fill this blog with training sessions either. Now I think I am loosing the story line so lets get back to point. I have started a training diary. It has all the numbers. Some impressive , some just sad but my numbers and no one else's. I will keep them a secret so it is definitely a diary.

What I will report though is the effect of this diary has been quite profound. First of all you get to see the numbers slowly change in the right direction. Second it makes you set a bar or standard for each session. It helps to measure fatigue. It also helps you stay honest and not over/under train. 

While I can't reports a sub 3 hour marathon just yet (he he I wish) what I can report is that I now have a way to see how I am going to run 3.30 by the end of the year. This is one of my 20 goals of the year. I wrote these in the diary. I goal is something I write down, a dream is something I only think and talk about.  

I got a coach last year and that has made a huge difference but I think that this diary helps me stick to what the coach really wants me to do. I know that I used to fudge and excuse the details of sessions at times. 

As cheesey as this sounds "consistency is the key". 

Keep a diary write down your goals and keep the key!

Stay tuned 

Memphis x