Sunday, February 15, 2009

One week to go!

Well it has been an interesting 8 weeks since the start of the 09 season. After an long 8 week break I got back into training with IM Malaysia as my early season race. I think that I felt like crap until Friday just gone. I was a log in the water and was peddling squares for weeks. I really struggled to feel good. But fear non. Finally I have turned the corner and have found not only the feel for the water but "Big Sexy" fits like a glove and I am flying on the bike again. Nothing like leaving it till the last second to come good. 

A few weeks ago Lukey and I bought a treadmill. I think I wore a hole in Belinda's so we figured it was time to get our own. I love it. Yes that's right I love running. It really does make a difference when you don't have to go to the gym at the end of a long ride. Along with some good DVDs and 2 and a half hour runs fly by. 

As I mentioned before I don't think I will be breaking any records in Malaysia however I do think I will pull out a nice solid season starting IM after all. My running has really improved and I am looking forward to the marathon..... seriously!

Some very exciting news is that we will have a few people coming to watch. Luke's parents will be there as will my sister Sarah and her mum and dad, (my biological dad) Sue and Kimbo. I think it has been 30 years since they have been overseas so this trip should be really fun for them. Also there has been a strong rumor that Adrian is coming too. I know that business is keeping him VERY busy however I don't think he can stand the FOMO!!!!! 

Alice, Jane and Jimmy will be competing also so the after party may get a little rowdy

Stay tuned 
Memphis x x x x