Saturday, February 6, 2010

Training Hard 3 weeks to go !!!

Training is going really well here in Noosa. Lukey boy is ripping us all apart. Belinda is scarier than ever as she now has 2 working quads. Everyone is in full flight and I am getting fitter by the second. Today we went on an epic 6 hour ride. I held onto the big kids which also includes Mirinda Carfree who was 70.3 world champ 2 years ago. I got dropped up the big climbs but only by a bit. About 40 seconds or so later I dragged my ass back up to the group. I clearly was busting my butt whilst they were crusin but this time last year they would probably not have even let me go with them as there would have been no chance of me keeping them with in the same post code.

These last few months has seen a real shift in my attitude to training. When the going gets tough Memphis sucks it up like a big girl. No more short cuts and lame excuses. Go hard or go home as my old boss used to say.

With 2 and a half more weeks till we leave for Asia I am fired up with the news that Adrian will be coming to watch Ironman Malaysia also. Mum and Johnno bought their tickets months ago. Now the whole crew who was there to see the shit show that was Malaysia 07, will return and hopefully see what they came to see the first time. Me complete the toughest show on earth. If you missed those details from Feb 07 look on the old post lists and relive that little gem NOT!!!!

Anyways time to cook dinner and sleep.

Stay tuned

Memphis x