Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Banana Smoothie saved my life.

In our house here in Noosa I am the Master Chef. Now this sounds like I have tickets on myself but as Dede G once said to me "you have to hang your hat somewhere". I like to hang mine in the kitchen.

This is the last hard week of training and everyone is in the hurt box. Today after run intervals followed by Max's killer swim set I was FAMISHED. I came home and in my delirium I made what might have been the world's greatest smoothie.

I drank it so quickly I forgot to take a picture but we all know what it looks like so I will simply list the ingredients below.

This particular smoothie was made for 3 people.

In a large blender :

4 x medium banana's (taken out of fridge, must be cold)
5 x heaped vanilla ice cream musashi protein powder ( a Powerbar product )
1 x squirt of blue gum honey
3 x teaspoons of magnesium powder.
2 x Yakult live enzymes bottles
2 x MASSIVE scoops of low fat ice cream.
2 x glasses of low fat milk

Blend and serve in old school metal milkshake tumblers.

OK now I am ready for my nap.

Stay tuned

Memphis x