Monday, February 1, 2010

Benji, Ramstine and the PCH!!

Memphis at Boogies.
Benji and Rami.
Ohh la la ladies!!!
Ok a less glamourous Memphis at Neptune's Net.
Ben waiting for his fish taco's.
MMMM Fish Taco's
Look hard Mojito's in the crowd.

My final night and day in LA was spent it with the good peeps Benji and Rami. Both of these outstanding creatures work at K-Swiss. Ben and I have known each other from way back when I was in Timex. We used to see each other at races and toilet paper each others trucks. Shaving cream and toothpaste was the method of note leaving. Those immature days are behind us of course now ...well kind of. For my final night i went out with him and Rami to an epic place called Boogies. OMG what a hoot. Silver foxes every where and we were the youngest by at least 15 years. Loved it.

The next morning Benji and I dragged ourselves out for one of the best rides in Malibu. From Westlake we went up and over Petreo and down to the PCH ( Pacific Coast Highway)
We decided that on this ride we were hungry and we stopped into biker bar Neptune's Net. The fish taco's were AMAZING. Mojito got a little overwhelmed by all the horse power but she held her own in the line up out the front. If you squint you can see her in amongst all the Japanese super bikes and Harley's.

After the fish tacos a 16 mile climb up Mullholland Rd and then it was time to head back to Ben's and pack for the final time.

Nearly there Jimmy !!!!!

Stay tuned

Memphis x