Friday, February 26, 2010

Air Asia is average!

Jac McKenzie was much nicer than the cranky guy in KL!
Ado and Memphis getting excited. 
Joe the camera man and Jimmy.
Sparra and Jimmy!

Our flight to Malaysia was pretty good .... well except for the part where I had a fight with the counter guy. He did not want to listen so I bent the rules and won the victory.
 At first he insisted we pay an extra 540 MR which was a complete rip off. 
I moved half of our luggage around amonst the 4 of us and stuff him. We got away with a mere 220 MR .... take that cranky airline bastard!!! 

After arriving late on Wednesday we settled into our hotel and got up early for a beautiful ride. Malaysia is really cool and I highly recommend this as a destination race. Especially if you want a trip on a budget.  Great people , great food and very reasonable prices. 

We tracked down the best man to be "Sparra" who is also here trying to get a AG Kona slot. 

Will keep you posted on the all the happenings. Tomorrow is race day... cross your fingers!!!

Memphis x