Sunday, June 6, 2010

This is the only race photo so far.

I love the twins , Justin and Jason.

Hillary and Maiki waiting for the awards. No wine yet.
The top 10 girls minus the winner ... she had to go home early boo.
Top 10 men, please note the extra hansome guy in the middle.
Jimmy is a 5 time IM Champ.
The after party dinner started with a meat extraveganza.
I found some lovely young Brazillian girls to hang out with Joe. He got nowhere.
Now this is what I call a race director. Carlos the Great!
Rodrigo and I danced all night and then climbed to the "Christo" together in Rio.
Ladies who dance.

Carlos I love you and I can't wait to get back next year.
A vista in Rio.
Amazing views.
The party is this way.

Sand castles are HUGE in Rio.
"CAT" dry food only.
More meat on a stick.
I love Fernanda, she is the world's greatest host. We can never thank her enough.
A Favela.
In here we ate, we drank and we danced the Samba.
23 times Hawaii Fernanda.
The love birds. Hurry up and hit that s*@t.
The Christo, getting a face lift.

Don't look down Memphis!