Sunday, June 13, 2010

Training in Sardinia

Looking over the square at night in the old Town of Caligari.
Double Daniele!!!
Vanessa, Luke, Elisa and Carlo at a traditional Sardinian dinner.
Titsiano raced his first olympic race and was awesome.
Luca you are a super star.
Four of my favorites. Carlo (the Tim O'Donell look alike), Marchello, Manu and Fabio.
Jimmy wins again!
The ladies I met before the race :)
Luke , Dani and Alessandro. Alessandro is pulling his model pose.
Holy Brown Cow thats a big bottle he has there.
Elisa, Vanessa and I at the after party.
That is not my Mojito I swear.
I love you guys and can't wait to come back next year!
Happy campers!
Luca spoilt everyone with bubbles.

Wow what a great week in Sardinia.

Luke and I got invited to Sardinia for a training camp with the team about 6 months ago. We gladly accepted the offer after googling Sardinia and discovering that we had in fact been invited to paradise. The camp was a week long with an olympic distance race at the end of the weekend. Daniele Demartis and his beautiful girl Elisa picked us up in Cagliari. They were so cute as they were shy about their ability to speak english. I of course busted out with all my italian, all 15 words. After loads of smiles and help from Vanessa the official translator we headed off to Villasimus.

Villasimus is a beautiful seaside town. Tiny really but amazing. We spent the next 5 days swimming, riding, running and talking with 15 of the best Italian's you could ever meet. I fell in love with this group and had one of the most rewarding times in all my triathlon adventures.
Daniele did an amazing job of organizing the camp with his partner Guiseppie. We laughed a lot and taught the team a few things along the way.

At night Luke and I headed out to explore our village. We enjoyed the local wine and food (perhaps a bit too much but hey you only live once) in the town square and practiced the language. I am truly in love with all things Italian and I have posted a few snaps for you to look at. I only hope that you all get the vibe.

We were nothing short of spoilt rotten by Dani and Elisa and we had a blast with them both. Along with Vanessa we became a little family for a week. Every time we headed out somewhere we took along 1 or 2 of the camp members for a bit of one on one. The boys (= my friend Maire who came to camp from Germany) were the best and I can not believe how good a time we had in spite of the broken english/italian.

Saturday came so quickly and we found out at the last minute that I was not allowed to race on my TT bike. Oh well I had to become the head cheer leader and commentator in english. Watching the boys race their hearts out and cross the line with huge smiles made my year. I will never forget how much fun 15 men can have in lycra. Racing for the love of it is alive and well in Italy.

Of course this was to be our last night and so we all headed out for some drinks together.

Thank you so so much Dani, Elisa , Guiseppie, Vanessa for arranging a fantastic camp.

A special shout out to my friends for life Alessandro, Maire, Marcello, Fabio, Luca, Mimo, Manu, Titsiano, Carlo (charles), Max, Massimo, Carlo, Sam and Gabriel. May we meet again soon.

Stay tuned

Memphis x