Sunday, June 6, 2010

IM Brasil

WOW what an amazing event.

First I should mention a MASSIVE thank you goes to Kenny Glah and his Endurance Sports Travel. Kenny had us completely taken care of from the second we landed. Now normally I love the travel and adventure that a new country brings however in all honesty Floripa would have been a struggle with the language issues. Taking into account the logistical worries of transporting the both of us and our stuff I am not sure I would have managed. Yes even I might have had a hard time as nearly NO english is available. In saying this Ken has put together the most amazing tour with literally hundreds of competitors traveling with Endurance. This tour experience was nothing short of FANTASTIC. Everything was organized and well planned out. From the transport and hotels to the after party Ken and his team were unbelievable.

Now onto the race report. I will keep it short and too the point. Good swim, 2 loops in a nice timely fashion = happy girl. Great bike also 2 laps. Super comfortable and no drafting issues as the course was very well thought out and extremely well marshaled. I was passing heaps of men on the second lap as the Brazilians had a tendency to go way to hard on the first lap. I loved this bike course. Rolling and fast but honest. Now for the run. First 9 kms perfect. On pace feeling AWESOME. Then the hill. I should mention the incredible wall of a hill that was presented to us can not be underestimated. It is EPIC but quite short really. Not too much trouble going up it. After the 1 km hilly section it is flat again and I was slowing a fraction but nothing to panic about. 5 or so kms on the top flat out and back section went without event. The back down the wall of death. Heck I feel as though this may have been my undoing. Well maybe a bit on the previous out and back but I will never know.

As I ran down the hills and back to the flat I actually felt ok but as soon as it leveled out I fell in a screaming heap. Not straight away but over the next 3 kms I was in a daze. Perhaps not enough food, perhaps I cooked myself on the bike a bit (I dont think so ) or perhaps I just ran too much on the tready in my build and my legs suffered. By km 18 I was cramping in my hips and hating my life. I struggled on for the next 15 km. At km 36 I kind of came out of it and ran a little better but not great to the finish line. I finished in a very respectable time but I was very unhappy with my run.

I will live to fight another day. It is coming together but sadly slower than one wishes. I will not give up. I love the fight and feel as though things are moving forward. My coach is amazing and she and I have come along way in this last year. For this I thank her. Thanks babes!!!

On a much more positive note Lukey CRUSHED them. From start to finish he had a perfect race. Amazing. I can not say enough of how amazing he was. I was so proud to hear he lead off the bike and won in a course record time. Also Miss Hillary completed the double, Lanzarote and Brasil. The poor girl had a sprint finish with Donna.... this could only be described as a nightmare when doing an Ironman. She finished in 4th and should be super proud of her amazing achievements over the last 2weeks. She is super hardcore.

I will post pics later as I am starving and must go eat. Also a post race party recap :)

Stay tuned

Memphis x