Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brasil 2010

Jimmy getting his Brasil on!
This is a beautiful outlook from the run course.
Swim Beach.
Someone told me that this run course was flat but we run UP this little gem.

The finish line is starting to take shape.
I think Maiki has a smaller butt than I do... bummer!
Hillary and I did not stop talking all ride.
Espresso no?

Well after the epic flights I am surprised at how great we pulled up. I was worried we would be out of wack but strangely not!.

The first day was a small swim, bike , run. Getting to know a new place is always fun. Jimmy took us on a wild goose chase and his penalty was 2 flat tires. I suggested it was that he was too hefty (joking he is skinny as a rake) and he blew his wheel out.

The course looks super fun and beautiful to boot. I am not even sure the pictures do it justice.

The biggest news was today Hillary and Maiki arrived straight from last weekends IM Lanzarote. They are nuts. Well Hillary is nuts as she is racing again this weekend. Maiki is not so crazy and he is watching/ cheering. It has been so great to see them again. I saw Hillary in Malaysia a few months ago but it has been since Hawaii since we have seen Maiki. I can not believe how much his English has improved. It is not even so much his vocabulary but his comprehension of the fast USA/AUSSIE conversations. Yeah Maiki .... thank godness really as Hillary's German is still zero.

Only 4 more sleeps.

Stay tuned