Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Transit.

Not all super long plane trips have to be painful. Today we arrived in Miami after the overnight from our Hawaiian home. Bye Hawaii, Hello Freaks of Miami.

The best bit about this place is the architecture. No seriously the beaches are beautiful but the people that walk and stalk along here are just plain hideous. Today Lukey and I walked around Miami and spent a few hours tanning on the beach. In our three weeks in Hawaii we never once took a day to lay on the beach.... too busy training. I realized that I had some god awful tan lines. Truthfully I am quite proud of them but in reality they are NOT sexy.

A couple of hours in the sun and we felt like we were getting a little crispy. We headed over to the main drag for some lunch. We spent the next hour and a half killing ourselves at the Miami posers. OMG there were all shapes and sizes and more camel toe than one girl ever needs to see in a day. At one stage the tears of laughter were rolling down our cheeks as the parade of weirdo's who thought they were the shizzle kept strolling past.

I did not have the guts or could not stop laughing long enough to get a snap of this dude that looked like Hulk Hogan's Dad. Just like HH only older. He though that walking the beat with no shirt, over developed steroid muscles , fake tan, grey hair and full body grease was sexy. I nearly fell of my chair.

If you are looking for the newest trend apparently denim cut off shorts are back in a big way. So what you say, well the girls of Miami like to leave the button and the zipper undone and they roll them down. Yeah so what , try no underwear and your landing strip showing THAT'S WHAT!!!!

Now we are back in yet another airport and we are living in hope that this next flight we are not situated near any one like we were on the last. The pleasant lady behind us on the last flight seemed to have an extreme gas problem, along with her snoring she was a treat.

Stay tuned

Memphis x