Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our second home.

After the rain of Noosa it was awesome to get back out in the sunshine and heat.
MMMMM Lava Java!
Coffee here is unbelievable!
Who's a happy Jimmy?

Leaving OZ is bitter sweet. We packed up our beautiful little unit, kind of, and left it in Stephy's good hands. We packed the bike bags and a carry on and headed to the airport.

I still laugh as I think about my first trip to the USA so many years ago. Oh the crap I packed that first year that I never used. A massive case of clothes and shoes. These days I still have trouble with culling the shoes down, I am spoilt by K-Swiss and have far too many options. However the clothes fit into a small overhead roll on suitcase. Yes six months, 3 continents and wedding to attend ( my own) and I have managed to get packing down to a fine art. Actually we get spoilt rotten by our sponsors and the send stuff for us all over the world. With out that we would be stuffed.

A quick pit stop in Sydney had us waving goodbye to Alice and Adrian and heading back to our other island home, Kona.

I love this place. It is such a rad town. Today was my first full day back out in the winds of the Queen K .... how I love you winds. The training here is perfect for IM lead up. Time trialling and hard road runs along with swimming with the dolphins = happy girl.

Clearly we had a coffee... but now off for a swim

Memphis x